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Gotama 183, Salomon Gun 181

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i have had a few very positive reviews lately, and tend to reivew skis I like, but I decided to review 2 that didn't agree w/ me.

Me, 6ft, 168, good skier, ski at moderate pace, almost all off trail

I am looking for a pow ski to accent my Watea 94. I got the gotama since it was about a cm wider, a bit longer and was supposed to be soft.

The gotama is a pretty versatile all mountain fat ski, but for me wasn't a great pow ski. I thought is was too stiff in the forbody, and I not quite enough shape in the shovel. I skied it back to back w/ my fisher on a pow morning w/ 1 foot of somewhat dense snow. I had more diving sensations and had to adjust my balance aft more on the goat then I did on the watea. the wateas softer shovel bends up more readily. since my skinnier more versatile ski floated better, I knew the goat wasn't a keeper.

Since I was thinking I wanted even softer, I also skied the Salomon Gun the next day.
It was softer then then either the goat or watea, but I couldn't get past the mounting point and feel like I couldn't make this ski happy. For me, salomons are so far forward mounted (even on the rear line where I was), that they sap my confidence in moving down the hill and when I move aft to keep from sinking the short shovel, the long tail pushes back and feels like it's trying to take contol instead of following my lead. not a good combo.

So, 2 skis I don't like.
That said, that is for what I like and I'm looking for.
I will say that people think volkls are pretty great, but I think fisher and nordica are making the best skis in the game right now.

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The goats have evolved into all mountain rides. That was the plan. The first generation goats were designed as pow skis, they're also softer. Not that you can really buy them anymore or would want a pow-specific ski that narrow anyway.

I agree with your statement about fischer and nordica, although I only have experience with nordies. On piste versatility combined with all mountain prowess goes to the Hot Rod line.

However, until I ride some fischers, I'm going to say that the best skis in the game right now for piste are Head. Liquid metal is liquidy. They actually feel as smooth as water.
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Nice review. I recently took advantage of a very rare trip to Utah to try the Salomon Gun and the Heads (here in the east I ski on Head iSL and Atomic GS). I'm not used to the newer wide designs (I did have an old pair of snow rangers for a while), so take this with a grain of salt.

The Salomon was WAY too soft for my 225lb and moderately aggressive style. Feel was vague and plastic-y. Float was acceptable in uncut but pretty bad in chop. By my standards, being used to race skis, they were useless at speed in groomed snow.

The Heads were much more solid, and had a wood-core sense of purpose in chop and on what passes for hardpack in LCC, but I thought their more moderate width made them less useful in deep especially at speed.

I wish I'd had a chance to try the Icelantic Shaman and the newer Gotamas
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I think the Watea 94 and the Gotama pose far too much quiver overlap. Think fatter (120+), like Atomic Thug fatter, or a funshape if that's your thing.
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Agree with Samurai here - Just did a week out west on my new 08 Goats, very different ski than my old 04's. But IMO, better. If you define better as more versatile, including using that stiffer front to bust through what's left three days after you western types use up all the fresh pow.
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well here the big question. Understanding that this, like all ski reviews and opinions, is very subjective, do you think the Watea 94 in the 178cm length is a better powder ski than the Gotama?

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Compared to other Volkl offering like Sanouks, Katanas, or Sumos, Gotamas are poor powder skis. They are great all-mtn and in variable conditions, but when someone says "I need POWDER skis...should I get a Gotama?" the answer is just about always "No!"

Pretty accurate review otherwise...
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That's probably true Bandit man...as a PURE POW ski there are better out there. I would argue, however, as you go to that end of the continuum you begin to sacrifice performance in other areas...which is fine as long as one accepts that tradeoff. In terms of Got vs. Fish 94 in POW...that's a no brainer...Got is far superior..not just based on its width but also its shape and flex pattern.
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