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2009 Head Xenon 10.0, SuperShape Magnum & WC iSL Race & non race

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Our new 2009 skis arrived 2 weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get out on Xenon 10.0 & iSL RD last weekend and on Supershape Magnum this past weekend.

The Xenon is now black with silver lettering. As the guys in the shops say - the old design of white with neon green lettering left something to be desired. I tried a 170 cm version of this ski. While not ideal for icy conditions it is far better than 2008 Xenon 9. Also a new topsheet was added and the tin can noise of the 2008 models is gone. All around I have to agree with a shop purchaser in our area who described it night and day to last years ski. While it still prefers soft snow to hard pack it is now a decent ski on hard pack - I even took it down an icy race course with mixed results - it did hold but not like a race ski.

The iSL RD is very similar for 2009 to the non race version of the iSL. Both are sandwhich construction but the RD version has a different top sheet and a race plate vs the carve plate on the non race version. We had 165 in both and a 156 in the regular ski for our race club and some coaches to try out. The racers absolutely loved the RD ski and the SW version was well received also. I skied the RD in a 165 and it skied - well it skied like a Slalom ski. What can I say? It is responsive and slalom skiers love it.

My favourite was the Supershape Magnum. I sold my 2008 Magnums about 4 weeks ago and was skiing on various demos (XRC1200 mostly). I had forgotten how much I loved these skis. The sandwhich race style construction makes this a lively ski. It has same dimensions as last year and graphics have minor changes. I still love this ski - it is in my top five all time of skis (Volkl P40 RC, K2 4, Elan Comprex S, Head iSL Chip round out that list). The ski holds well on icy conditions and does a good job in the loose stuff. This weekend we had a little of everything as we had rain and then freeze last week, snow yesterday aftenoon, rain overnight and more snow today. The ski was fine in moguls, really nice on soft snow and holds on ice. I skied it in 163 length.

Next week I hope to try out Monster 78 or 82.

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Mike, The 2008 9.0 model in a 170 was 127-75-112 with a TR of 12.8. How
does the newer model compare with that? Thanks for any info you can
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Xenon 10.0 has same dimensions and radius. It is just quieter and holds better on ice.

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I have some 9's on lay-a-way but and concerned about not getting the new 10's. I compared them side by side today and they seem absolutley identical...right down to the supposed "Top coat". Dimensions are the same down to every spec.

There seems to be a real limitted amount of info on the 9's.
Currently I am on 06 Volkl Allstar in a 168 and just find them a bit squirlly. I hope to get off the groomed more this year and want more length and a larger footpring.

I'm 6' 200lb, 50 yr old and skiing 35 casual years. Had Volkl Vertigo G30 which was awesome but so darn heavy and couldn't get off the groomers with my accomplished kids! Needed more manuverablity... but 168 was too short. Looking at 177's and excited about a busy year on the Colorado slopes!

Any input on the Xenon XI 9?
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