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Scottybob Skis

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Anyone have any experience, thoughts, comments on Scottybob skis. They look very, very nice, but how do they perform. I've yet to find a single review on any of their alpine skis. I've found a few small reviews regarding their tele skis, but that's it.
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I was a ski tester for Scottybob a few years ago. Prototypes(pre-alpine) and Tele specfic skis. Bobtails. Well suited skis in any condition. Quick from edge to edge and very stable above 45mph. As for the Pintail design. It might of been alittle help on the Inside ski but I believe it's the Indian more than the Arrow.
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So, do you think they're worth the $750, or are they just eye-candy?
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That's alot of cash for a pair of boards. So no. Buy something less expensive and use to rest of the money somewhere else.
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My buddy's got two pairs of scotty's. The bob tail and the fat bastards.

He loves the fat bastards, doesn't dig the bob tails as much. Are they still handmade in Colorado? I think they went to China. $750 isn't a terrible price for handmade American skis. It takes a lot to build skis by hand. $750 is too much for Chinese skis that they probably pay $60 a pair to have made.

Originally Posted by slider View Post
That's alot of cash for a pair of boards. So no. Buy something less expensive and use to rest of the money somewhere else.
That's really not that much for skis. Any high end ski, even a big corporate high end skis are in that range. Gotamas retail for $700. Like I said, if they are still handmade in CO, that's a fair price.
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According to their website they're made in Silverton, CO.
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I'm not going to dis Scottybob's because they are a great ski. Corp. has been to China on several occasions. If you want to pay $700.00 for skis that's your choice. I prefer to spend 1/2 that for high end skis + bindings. Just say'n.
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Originally Posted by BillCatt View Post
According to their website they're made in Silverton, CO.
I haven't looked into ScottyBob in a number of years, but there was a big discussion about them over on a few years ago because everybody there thought that they were all made in CO, but it turned out that only prototyping and some custom requests were made there, while the "standard" models had been made in China.

I do not know if this is still the case or not. This was probably 2 or 3 years ago. If you search ttips for ScottyBob I'm sure you'll find more reviews and such there.
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Thanks for the heads up guys. I guess my eyes were bigger than my brain and/or wallet when I stumbled upon their site.

Still in the market for some new skis, and the selection is killing me, but I think I'm leaning towards 168 Icelantic Nomads for now.
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I saw my first pair ever on the hill this past week here in JH. I think Skinny Skis was selling them for awhile a few years back. Some dude had tele bindings on them and was skiing hard pack under Thunder Lift.

"Lots of wow factor, little pow factor, no now factor" is what somebody once said about them.

I'd be scared to ski them hard. Or at all.
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Production operations and personnel for tele and alpine skis moved to China and the custom skis were still to be made in Silverton by Scotty Bob himself. Very nice hand work and craftsmanship on the custom skis. It looks like Venture Snowboards is now in Scotty Bob's old digs though.

I skied the teles briefly and was not wowed but liked them OK. My sister, an instructor, wasn't very impressed with the prototype alpine skis she demoed a couple years ago.

FWIW, Wagner Skis are made in Telluride. Just over the 'hill' from Silverton.
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Originally Posted by splitter View Post
Gotamas retail for $700... that's a fair price.
Does anyone dedicated to the sport enough to visit this site really pay retail for skis??
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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post
Does anyone dedicated to the sport enough to visit this site really pay retail for skis??
I didn't say $700 for Gotamas was a fair price, the point was even high end corporate skis made in China for $60 a pair are in the same price range. Small manufacturers making hand made skis for $750 isn't exactly a bad price. I work for a small ski manufacturer. You're right that it's pretty easy to get a pro/bro deal from a large corporate company.

It's more difficult to get pro/bro deals from smaller indie manufacturers. There aren't enough sales to warrant giving every manny, moe, and jack a bro deal. It's important for small companies to get word of mouth marketing, and to have people see professionals on their skis, but many of these companies don't even sell in retail stores. So the shop kid doesn't necessarily get pro deals on Igneous, Bros, Moments, or some other US produced, handmade skis.

Some people do get deals, many of them on this site. But they are usually in a position a lot of people look to for guidance. Ski patrol, mountain guides, and high level instructors (think Gordy Pfeifer's Str8line camps) are good examples of pro deals for small indie companies.

But there aren't really industry deals in general. The, "hey, I work at Patagonia packing boxes" kids don't really get indie deals, but they get deals from tons of large companies.

For some people, it's worth it to support the small companies with good ideas that are owned and operated by skiers.

As far as 'anyone dedicted to the sport enough to visit this site', there are lots of rippers, lots of knowledge, and lots of industry folks on this site. I really enjoy this site. But I would hardly call it a 'hardcore ski site'. It's a great place for people to learn about gear, meet people to ski with, sign up for ESA lessons, and fill their jones for skiing year round.
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Buy the Headrush

I have been on a pair of the original Headrushes since 2004.
They are maple core, slightly higher camber, all hand made.
They cost 414 bucks without shipping.
I have never had so much ski bang for the buck. Even at 600 bucks, I would have been satisfied.
Which is why I am going to buy another pair off the rack retail for 550.
I have skiied some other brands that are really excellent - BD, G3 (ticket and reverend), Movement, K2, Atomic. Maybe I have skiied the Scottys for too many years, but the fluid transition, the high speed stability, the ability to eat crud all come together (for me) in a one quiver ski that just feels right under any condition.
My only complaint - I'm 195 pounds and tend to punish the equipment a bit. This year, the front inside edge right up at the tip blew out on a powder day, not from a direct hit on anything that I remember. I was able to epoxy it back in. Two weeks later the tail on the same edge blew out, again on a soft day. That one I have not been able to fix.
I'm thinking that this is not a common problem with these skiis however, and I got more than my mileage out of them. They will be the best rock skis I ever had.
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I've seen ScottyBob's here and there on the slopes over the past several years, (even if I didn't know em by name), and just recently came across a pair locally. Found a few interesting vids...





Them's some real purty skis now, ain't they?   ;-)

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