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Broken Rossignol Binding

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hey guys,

my binding broke today. the plastic piece that covers the break-spring mechanism (not the heel piece that moves up and down, the piece below that) broke clean in half, and now it shifts side to side. i have rossignol axial2 ti120 bindings.

anyway, i called backcountry and they were like "yeah it's under warranty...but since you got it from steepandcheap...and uhh...since it's last year's model...uhh...you can only buy it online, or we can divide the price in half and send you just one."

that's just BS. I am trying to figure out how to contact rossi, but can't. is the only way to do that through backcountry? and is there a way to get backcountry to send me the break piece for free? their reasoning seems sorta dumb...

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Maybe someone here can send you an extra brake, especially if it's a narrow brake. A lot of people have narrow brakes collecting dust. If it's a wide brake, they are a little more sought after.
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The brake probably didn't fail due to a manufacturer's defect. It probably broke after tumbling along in a fall, right? that means it's not REALLY a warranty issue, it's a broken part that can easily be replaced. Backcountry is offering to sell you a brake for half price (what price did they say? Was it like $15 or like $45?) this would probably save you money in the long run because warranty works like this:
First you stop skiing on those skis for a couple weeks, because...
You remove the binding from your skis and put them in a box.
You send the box to Backcountry.com along with enough money to cover shipping to Rossignol (not very far, but still).
Backcountry gets sold new brake, because "it's not a warranty". They charge you for a new brake and sends you the binding back with new brake.
You mount binding back on skis.
You get to ski again, hurray.

The other alternative is find a local shop and buy something, anything. While paying ask casually "hey, do you happen to have a spare Look/ Rossi brake I could have?" If you're nice, they'll probably hook you up.
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upon further persistence, I got the kind people at backcountry to send me the brake for free.

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