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Pressuring cuff versus BOF

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I have an interesting situation that may or may not reflect a positioning problem.

I have a size 14 normal shoe, I am currently skiing a pair of Tecnica Icons 342 mm shell size that I bought about 4 years ago and got fitted at Big Sky. I have a narrow heel and instep with a bit more splayed forefoot area. I have long toes - more like an orangatang than a human - with my second toe longer than my first. The Tecnica's seem to be a good fit based on my unusual foot shape/size. I also have custom foot beds which pull my toes away from the boot shell at the front by supporting my arch. They are a good snug fit!! Originally, I had heel lifts at various locations to phelp ull me away from the toe area. I have also visited a custom boot-fitter in the Seattle area to take care of some padding/tongue wear problem who also repositioned me in the boots by removing some heel lifts and adding others. Now I have some heel lifts between my orthotics and the liner AND the shell and the liner. According to the fitter (that is all he does), I am properly positioned. Usually, I am pain free for the most part. Occasionally, at first, I have to reposition my heel in the cup in the morning to get no pain. It is really important to get my heel back as far into the cup as possible.

One thing I have noticed is that when I tighten the cuff area buckles and the strap to where I feel most in control and best for skiing, I find that my BOF and cuff pressuring to be a bit unusual. It seems that when I flex forward, I feel that the cuff pressure on my shin is more my control point rather than pressure on my BOF. Granted, it might just be my perception since the orthotics tend to distribute the pressure. Is this unusual? On the other hand, since the boot sole is inflexible, should it really matter whether I feel the pressure more on my shin or on the BOF? Interesting question, wouldn't you say? Just for a point of reference, I am 6'2" and 180-185 lbs butt naked. I ski using both old school and newer techniques, depending on the conditions and necessity, and if I err it is usually that I find myself in the back seat. My lower leg is proportionately longer relative to my upper leg (as referenced in terms of cycling angulation), so maybe that may contribute to the "problem" if there is one.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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Icons tend to have more ramp angle than I think is necessary for many people. That said your length foot can tolerate more ramp and as boots get longer the ramp decreases and I don't know that actual ramp for an Icon at the length you use.

Try an experiment to decrease ramp and see what happens. You can do it at home with lifts under the boot toe on the outsides. When skiing as an experiment you could use lifts under the binding toe.

See how it feels and report back.

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My goal is to be able to feel pressure moving to the BoF and the shin simultaneously. You may have too much under your heel inside the boot? and/or it is also possible that you have some forefoot varus which needs to be addressed?
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Thanks for the comments/suggestions. I am going to try changing (effectively) some of the ramp angles as you suggested at home, i.e adding lifts at the front and trying to remove one of the heel lifts and see how that affects this all. I take it I should first try changing the angle with my cuff loose and then do it again with the cuff tight?

I would agree with you; hence, my posting. IDEALLY, from a biomechanical standpoint, I would think that simultaneous pressuring of the BOF and the cuff would be what would be wanted. On the other hand, since the boot sole is very very stiff, and pressure on the cuff or pressure on the BOF should effectively put pressure on the forefront of the boot, does it really matter in terms of pressuring the ski? But it might matter more in terms of balance and leg pivots. Just some idle thoughts....

Regardless, I first have to address a broken pivot point on the cuff of my Icons..... again. The bolt popped out for the second time this season. Last time, I had the hole retapped and a larger screw put in. That only lasted for 4 days of skiing. Do you think anyone has the bolt and plate(female end) available as a set? I'm not even sure if the plate/nut can be popped out of the shell and replaced. Any suggestions?

Thanks again for the advice,
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