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ABS system

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Hello, I would like to get an ABS system for next season http://www.abssystem.com/ . Does not need to be to fancy, just have room (or be able to hook on etc.) a shovel, probe, some food supplies, and maybe a jacket if I get to hot. I am not a to serious BC skier, just did an AIARE avalanche 1 course this year, I would be doing day little trips with a friend in the Tahoe area mostly.

So my question is this. Can I get a good one for a decent price now, should I get one now? or would it be better to wait until next year.

thanks a lot

ps. I still havnt gotten my own beacon, anyone know where I can get one for a good price? used (as long as it is reliable and functioning) is allright to

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There have been a few reviews over at TGR. Personally, I don't like them. They're too expensive, too heavy and I don't like any of the packs they come with. I'd get the beacon and an Avalung before looking into something like an ABS pack. Since BCA has come out with the Tracker II, I'm sure there are places blowing out the original Tracker beacons. Great beacon, very easy to use. Of course, all these things are useless until things go horribly wrong.
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+1 for the beacon and avalung!
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hmm. most people are probably a little skeptical about the ABS system because it is a new product that not very many people are using. I think the Idea is great, seems pretty awsome to me. but maybe you are right, might just go with the normal beacon, probe, shovel. Maybe an avalung, but that will just give me an excuse to not practice enough with my friends. I don't know the ABS system just looks awsome the way I could pretty much have friends record me, and if an avalanche starts they just go over to where I am and pretty much just pull me out of the snow. If I am just doing little things with friends (jumping cliffs you can see form highway, going into backcountry and building a jump) im 17.

but in the end, I am not (knock on wood) ever going to use any of these, must have it just incase, but the point of having all this stuff is not to use it
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