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Ski Instructor in NH?

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My wife and I are intermediate skiers looking for an instructor to help us improve our turns and technique. How do you recommend 1) finding a good instructor and 2) setting up a lesson? Is it simply a matter of contacting a mountain and going from there?

Can do it at Bretton Woods, Loon or Cannon.
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If you are getting a group lesson, you typically can not request a specific instructor. You simply show up at the resort, buy a lesson, show up at the right time and rely on the resort reputation that will give you a qualified pro.

If you are getting a private lesson you can request a specific instructor. The Epic instructor listing only has one pro for New Hamshire (Bob Hatcher at Waterville Valley). That's one source for recommendations. Eventually, someone here on Epic is likely to give you a specific recommendation for one of the resorts you listed. In the absence of a specific recommendation, you can request an instructor with PSIA Level 3 certification or equivalent and have a very good chance of finding a good instructor.
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therusty is partially correct...there are also a lot of good PSIA Level 1 and 2 folks that can teach (AND ski) just as well.

Just talk to the ski school director and tell him/her what your looking for in an instructor. If it's a hard snow day and you are looking at cleaning up your turn - they may have you with a Level 3 race coach. If NH snows dump and it's a powder day, perhaps there is a Level 2 or (God forbid) a Level 1 ringer who's better suited.

Many of us have been skiing and teaching for years - making experts out of intermediates but have not been drinking the PSIA Kool-Aid as long.

But...I'll yeild rusty's overall judgment as, in general, you can't miss with a Level 3.

Lisa Segal. Level 3. Examiner. Cannon. Great person to ski with.
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Migth as well go for Jeb Boyd:


I think he's at Cannon. His brother is also really good.
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