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South Of The Equator Conditions

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Are there ay photos yet of the skiing down there? Are you having a good time so far?
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season hasn't started in Australia yet, theres no snow atm, we're due to kick off the first weekend in June. Got a cold front and low pressure system coming next week so heres hoping.

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Yep, the usual anxious watching of the weather. Usually, the resorts fire up the snowguns a few weeks before the official opening (Queen's Birthday Long Weekend, this year it's June 9th). Good snowfalls for opening are becoming rarer.
I hear the Kiwis have had some decent falls, Mt Hutt cam was showing some lovely white vistas.
It is getting cooler here in oz but ni Canberra, the trees are still doing teh yellow leaves thing. We have had a couple of frosts though.
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Keep ya eye on this Perisher Blue

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every day [img]smile.gif[/img] not much happening as yet though

also worth checking out


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Mt Hutt is scheduled to open on June 7, conditions permitting. I think Treble Cone is June 19.

So a few weeks away yet.
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hutt atm

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They haven't even put teh chairs on the cable yet! Pity...a week or so ago that was all white.
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Blue cow today, finally got a little bit [img]smile.gif[/img]

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and it's still going. Quite wintery in Canberra today too, it's trying to be sleet. Too warm though.
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considering its been 25 in Sydney yesterday and 23 today I wasn't expecting to see that this morning.
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This is only for aussies and kiwis ?
Can a gaucho say something?
WE are south of the equator too!

One foot ( 30 cm) of snow in the parking lot of Las Lenas today , they open ( hopefully on June 13th) .
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ours all melted again pretty much.
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Heard from a friend in Santiago today...sounds like it has started to snow well.
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The new Argentine president is from the Patagonia , maybe he arranged with Saint Peter or someone Up There for a lot of snow this year in the Andes.. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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According to teh blue Cow snowcam (above), they have made a strip of snow down Early Starter. We are copping a high pressure system right now, it's sending up cool southerlies, but it's dry. The coast is getting lots of rain but it's pretty dry inland. Ski season opens June 7th, the Queen's Birthday Long weekend, and it looks as though it'll be on man-made only. And sadly, the man-made snow operations in Oz are not near the scale of the US mountains.
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3 days to go for season opening and the current weather map shows a classic winter storm approaching with the following forecast:

PROBABILITY OF SNOW: at 1500 m at 1900 m
Today (6am/6pm) 0% 5%
Tonight (6pm/6am) 0% 10%
Wednesday (24hr from 6am) 30% 80%
Thursday (24hr from 6am) 90% 100%

Wednesday : Showers increasing later.
Thursday : Showers. Snowfalls above 1600m, possibly down to 1400 metres.
Friday : Showers. Snowfalls above 1600m, possibly down to 1400 metres.

Oz :

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Yeah, it's coming. Past few days my house has been battered by a classic winter nor wester (My house is somewhere between 800-900 metres), with waves of rain, which is also classic winter/snow pattern.
I heard it was 23 in sydney and that is just amazing, this time of year the difference in climates really starts to show.

I remember for the closing ceremony of the sydney olympics, I was hosting a chap from Boston at my lodge (it was october, mid spring), and we formed a convoy and drove around from guthega to Smiggins to watch the event on TV (no signal in guthega), in a raging, howling blizzard! And yet at the ceremony, they were all in t-shirts. We had one eye on the big TV, and the other on the snow swirling around outside...
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Originally posted by ant:
...My house is somewhere between 800-900 metres...
That's a big house!

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Today's forecast is:
Thursday : Showers. Snowfalls above 1600m, dropping to 1400 metres later.
Strong winds.
Friday : Snowfalls. Possible blizzards.
Saturday : Snow and winds easing.

Looking Good! In fact I believe there is a possibility of snow down to 1200m and on the ranges around Canberra (200km from the snowfields.)
It's generally pretty unusual to have really good snow for the opening weekend and this will probably not deliver too much. Hopefully though it will be satrt for further falls before we start skiing regularly at the end of June.

Assuming I have new boots by then!
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Yeah friday will be the day the makes or breaks opening weekend. Hopefully it buckets down.
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Look at the Blue Cow snocam for today (that's a live link)! That front is delivering, right on schedule. Huge winds bashing my house today (ha ha, WTFH!)...I think the big falls come tomorrow. Just in time for opening weekend.
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yeah, hopefully we get a lot more!!!!!! its crazy weather its about 20 degs in Sydney already.
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My outside thermometer is hovering around 8 degrees, and I reckon it's even colder down in Canberra!
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we have had a warm nor'wester blowing which is warm, has melted everything. Mt Hutt was due to open this weekend, but not looking evry likely. Went hiking last Saturday and was very warm, only T shirt and shorts required at 1500 metres, not exactly snow making coniditopns
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well hopefully you guys get the double front that we're copping at the moment maybe saturday or sunday?
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another warm weekend

Mt Hutt is looking very barren

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I think it's pretty rare that NZ and Oz cop the same front. It's usually an either/or thing. We did well, it blizzarded for a couple of days, including the first day of the season. Perisher got their new 8 seater going....
This is good for early June. And the weather pundits reckon another front is due to hit on June 10th.
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Portillo, Chile got 24" between June 4 and 6th. 7 weeks to pow pow.
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