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How big is yours?

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How big is your patrol? I am trying to get a handle on what the normal/opimal patrol size is, and figured I would ask around here. What would be most helpful is if you could cut and paste the questions, and give specific answers if you know them. If you don't have exact numbers, but have a good guess, that's fine. Also interested in your take on whether you consider your patrol a good size.

Numbers of:
1. Paid patrollers (starting wage, if you know it)
2. Vollunteers
3. Vollunteer days required
4. Accidents handled a year. Or on a busy day
5. Skier visits a year. Or on a busy day
6. Top shacks
7. Trails

Also: Things you do to recruit and retain patrollers. I realize this is the topic of a current thread, but not many have actually adressed the issue. If you feel your patrol is especially good at this, let me know how. If you feel the opposite, I would also like to know why.

Thanks for any knowledgable input or insight you might have.

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1. 0. we have a volunteer patrol.
2. about 100
3. 7 percent of the days open.
4. about 200-250 a year/ 5-6 on a busy day
5. no idea. on a busy day we have maybe several thousand people on the hill.
6. what about it? we have one tiny one, maybe 200 square feet. it can't fit any more than 8-10 patrollers comfortably.
7. we have 38 trails.

our patrol is not particularly good at recruiting patrollers. if we are lucky, we can get about 10 new patrollers per year. we are however, pretty good at retaining them. we have quite a few patrollers who have been with us over 30 years. because its a volunteer patrol, it hard for people to see the incentive in doing something like this- especially since we patrol such a small ski area, and the patrol does not pay for the training or materials.
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1) Zero paid, all volunteer
2) Nominal is 65, fluctuates 60 -70 year-to-year
3) About 75 hours/season, excluding trainings (about another 25-35 hr/yr). We use a shift system, so some days count more than others and it's hard to say how many trips or days on duty.
4) About 100 accidents / yr. On a busy day 5-8, about half of them sled runs.
5) No idea on skier visits (this is a private ski area), I'd guess maybe 1500 people on the mountain on a busy weekend day.
6) One top shack, good sized (15 x 20 ft), one bottom patrol building / aid room, VERY nice (built new 8 years ago).
7) About 25 named trails. A very high percentage of black, a few double-black.

I love the place!

LOTS of families & kids.

We do OK at candidates and retaining people. This is a high-priced area with great terrain and it's a good deal to patrol there. The patrol is very good, we received huge praise from the members in a recent survey.
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1. 3 paid, salary.... salary?!?? Is that what they call it?
2. About 100 volunteers.
3. One full day every second weekend, and two weeknights out of three. So I work every second Sunday, and two out of three Tuesday nights. (Our entire molehill is lit!)
4. This varies so much that it is impossible to say. On some days, we have none, yet on other days, it never stops. Yesterday, I handled one badly banged shin, one broken coccyx, one sprained knee, and I did traffic control for another injured knee. At one point, we had three injuries at the same time, so another patroller and I did a full mattress immobilisation on our own. I never ate supper yesterday, and worked three hours past the end of my shift.
5. No idea, but to give you an idea, we have the largest ski school in Canada, with over 400 paid teaching monitors. When ski school is in full swing, it is actually quite impressive, but the skiing is a bit problematic. In addition, we have Ten Dollar Sundays, during which you can ski for 10 bucks after 18:00. It gets pretty packed.
6. None. But we are supposed to get one this summer. I'll believe it when I see it.
7. 14 trails. Really small. But fun because you literally cannot get lost. Send the kids out with a walkie talkie, and all you have to do is call, and they will be back in less than 10 minutes.

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Originally Posted by HHTELE View Post
Numbers of:
1. Paid patrollers (starting wage, if you know it)
2. Vollunteers
3. Vollunteer days required
4. Accidents handled a year. Or on a busy day
5. Skier visits a year. Or on a busy day
6. Top shacks
7. Trails
1. 20 on the roster, 8 on per day
2. 40 on the roster, 5/week day, 7/day on the weekend
3. 1/week
4. Hmmm, not to sure. Usually a few each day when it's busy.
5. ???
6. 2, one on each peak
7. Lots, mostly trees. 1700 acres.
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1. Volunteer , although the resorts have pro's
2. about 300
3. commitments range from 12 day up , with corresponding beni's
4.Prolly 8-10 serious each at timberline and skibowl many more at Meadows and the tube hill at summit is always good for some bboards.
5. alot... I think maybe I heard meadows got 700,000 . Interestingly on a big day Meadows is the 5th or 6th largest "city" in oregon .
6. A "shack" at skibowl , nada at timberline hide in the lift . Super delux Craftsman style building at meadows . A Hq in nearby Goverment camp for storage and bunks for sleeping and a kitchen .
7. Mt.Hood Ski Patrol services 4 resorts on Hood that comprise literally hundreds of marked trails . Also nordic and back country trails . Summer operations at palmer glacier at Timberline and mountain biking at Skibowl.
BTW the oldest Patrol in the nation .
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