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Help me with my shin?

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Hi everyone,
I'm having some problems with my shin and leg. I had a weird switch landing last week where I probably should have popped out of my bindings, but I didn't (separate issue, have corrected it). But when I landed, the tips of my skis were the first to hit and as a result, the front and right side of my right shin took a real shot. It doesn't hurt when I'm walking around, but as soon as I get into my boots, it's really painful. It's like I have a charley horse right where the top of the boot is around the right side of my leg. I have been icing it for the past week, but it doesn't seem to be improving. Any advice? I'm supposed to be going on a trip to Taos in two weeks, and it needs to be better by then. Should I take it easy until I go?

Thanks for any advice.

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See a physio therapist. My aunt was a physiotherapist and did wonders for a lot of my karate (full-contact with kendo body shield) mishaps.

I imagine some exercises and massage would help. Ice doesn't do all that much good after a day or two. I like to use ice on and off for the 1st day post injury and ice-heat for the next day, but that's just me.

Swimming provides a good gentle massage and some exercise.

Sounds like you could have a deep bruise there.
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By the way you describe that you only notice the pain when you apply pressure(the boot), it sounds as though you have a light bone bruise. The only thing you can really do at this point is rest and it should be fine within a week. Let us know the progress.
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