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opinion please on skis

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I am 5'9" and 185#. I make a couple trips out west and ski 91% on ungroomed. Mostly blacks, double black type stuff. Some trees and sometimes a mogul or two. I live in Iowa and my home hill is 475' of groomed ice. I am looking to get new skis and like the Mythic Rider or Volkl Ac40. Leaning more to the MR about a 172 but is it going to be way too much ski for the home hill? Looking for some opinions
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Yes. Too much and too wide for 475' of groomed ice. Try Fischer RX8 or progressor.
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I wouldn't go wider than 70mm waist for that kind of skiing. There are a lot of good choices in that ballpark.
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The MR is fantastic but probably a bad idea for the home mountain. I'd get something narrow under foot for home and rent bigger when you come west
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How did you come up with 91%? Is that number rounded off ie. 90.51% or 91.49%. Just curious.
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SierraJim is having a great sale on Mythic Riders if you hurry. Check out this thread.

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