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I lost the key card for my condo when pulling out my cell phone earlier this winter at Keystone. Two runs later, faisal looked down at the snow and there it was!

Much worse, I have had 2 pairs of Volant Vertex M skis delaminate this year. They are only 3 or 4 years old and are a great ski. I am now skiing on my hubby's 176 cm B3s. I can handle them just fine (a least so far) but I've been brainwashed into believing I should not ski anything longer than 160 cm. So I guess I'll be buying some new skis this winter!
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
YOU left HER boots. Funny how that works.
I bought her a new pair that she loves a day later so it is all good.
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It took her a whole day to love them?
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Lost one glove. They were good gloves too. Can't remember the brand and they weren't expensive, but my hands were never cold. Bought new much fancier looking gloves, which were hopeless. Bought a second pair of new gloves, which are better but not as good as my old gloves. Still have the remaining glove, hoping the other will turn up, but I'm sure it fell out of my pocket in a rental car.
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