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Transpack filled with ski pants, base layers, fleece, socks, helmet, goggles, gloves, etc. I wear my jacket. Filled like this it may not fit in some overheads, but that is easy to solve by pulling the boots out.
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I have a High Sierra boot bag that's the same dimensions as a Transpack. Like everybody else, I carry it on the plane stuffed with everything I need to ski the first day. I have my helmet bag drawstring wrapped around the top carrying handle and dangle my helmet off the back of the boot bag.

I have a size 12 foot and the bag will fit in the overhead if I pull the stuff out of the side pockets. From trial and error, I put my shell jacket and a couple of fleece layers in the outer pockets and keep anything loose like gloves, socks, and inner layers in the main middle pocket along with the boots. Goggles and sunglasses go inside the boots.

On a business trip where I'm hoping to sneak out for a day or two, I'll bring a roll-aboard and my boot bag. The boot bag balances on the roll-aboard so I'm not lugging the heavy sucker around airports. I rent demos and poles when I get there.

On major trips, I check a drop-bottom wheeled duffel. When it shows up in baggage claim, I empty the boot bag into the drop bottom so I only have to cope with a wheeled double ski bag and a wheeled duffel bag.
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
I would never let my boots out of my sight when traveling by air. They always come on the plane with me. I can rent/demo skis, but boots are not easily replaced. Even one day in rental/demo boots would suck. My boots are fit to the point where I can slip my foot in, set the buckles on the first notch, and leave them there all day long. The basic fit is so good, I can practically ski them without buckling.

As for the bogus/dorky part, who gives a rip? My boot bag looks like a piece of luggage anyway, it's not like it would even stand out.
Hm.. If I could be in my boot all day long like you, I wouldn't have to carry a boot bag, I would wear it on the plane...
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At least from my experience traveling, I carry on a small backpack that has anything that I do not want to lose and sling the boots using the velcro/booster straps over the pack as i carry on the backpack. My own feeling is that I'd rather lose all my ski and evening clothing (easy to replace), but never my ski boots. Its takes a long time to get them fit and set up. I find that boots without a bag works fine for me. FYI, I wear size 8-9 ski boots. Charlie
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My checked bag(large Atomic duffel) used to be on wheels till US Air ripped them off, comes in between 47-49 lbs. with my boots packed inside. I love it when they weigh it thinking its over weight and it comes in at sub 50 lbs . and then seeing the looks on their face. I've checked ski luggage 3 times so far this year and 2 times one of the bags didn't show up at the crousel. Fortunately I had meetings before going skiing. But I think taking your boots as a carry on and a backpack with some ski essentials goggles, hat , etc is probably a very smart and prudent plan.

I know a guy that worked baggage for years with US Air. He told me when they get busy and are really behind and hustling, its real easy for them to skip big heavy bags. You always want to make it easy for them. But good luck doing that on a ski trip.
post #36 of 41 on this one. Ski boots are the most important piece of equipment on a ski trip. ALWAYS carry with you to assure yourself that they will arrive with you. I've never heard anyone call it "dorky"....but whatever....I'm taking no chances on ever having to use rental boots--the worst creation in the entire ski industry.
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locknload and roundturns are on the mark. Always carry-on your ski boots. My older daughter used to ski race. Her coaches made sure that all athletes carried their boots and essential items on to the plane. Charlie
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Just to reiterate some more: carry on your boots. You can rent skis, you can buy new gloves or goggles or whatever, but most people can't easily get good-fitting ski boots in an hour. I'm harder to fit than most, since I wear a US men's size 17 shoe. No way I'm handing my custom-fit boots to an airline baggage handler.

On my way back from Tahoe, my bags just didn't show up (they arrived about four hours later with no explanation for the delay.) I would have been very unhappy if that had happened on the way out there, but I would have been screwed if it happened on the way out and my boots were in my checked luggage.

I took my ski boots slung over my shoulder, and my backpack as a carryon (with my helmet clipped onto the pack). The only person on the whole trip that even looked twice at the gear was the US Airways counter agent in Providence, RI, who was very concerned that they wouldn't let me through security with ski boots for some reason. TSA didn't comment on them, even at LaGuardia (where ski equipment as a carryon is perhaps more unusual than in Denver or Reno).
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Shall we continue to beat the dead horse? My only issue when I carry my boots on the plane is that they are certifiable EPA Superfund toxic waste sites, so I just tell everyone that my kids haven't bathed in a week and that's what the stench is from. Rental boots??? I don't think so!!!
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Originally Posted by doogiedoc View Post
Shall we continue to beat the dead horse? My only issue when I carry my boots on the plane is that they are certifiable EPA Superfund toxic waste sites
I cleaned the salt out of mine today. Apparently all the sweat that makes it through the liner leaves some crystals behind in the shell. Sexy.
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I find the salt crystals help to buff off the callouses and toenail! :
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