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Fischer AMC 76 vs. Rossignol Z9?

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Hey guys, hoping to get your opinion on these two skis since I haven't seen a head-to-head comparison. I am looking to get a set of either of these skis, but I'm not convinced on one or the other.

I'm 5'7" and 160 lbs, normally using 176s. As I intend to use these skis as a lifetime purchase, I'm hoping to buy a pair that will challenge me for years to come. I'm a fairly aggressive skier although not as confident at very high speeds.

Your thoughts on either of these skis? Any considerations I need to take into account when choosing one over the other? Thanks for the help!
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I demo'd both of these skis in March 07 at Big White. I'm 6'1" and about 190lb, and am a Level 2 CSIA ski instructor and a Level 1 CSCF certified race coach.

I demo'd the Rossi Z9 in a 176cm length on semi-groomed hardpack with a fair bit of crud. Surprisingly, it felt a little long for me - I think a 170cm length would have been better. It didn't want to carve a tighter turn, but keep in mind I had been used to carving on race stock 165cm SL skis at that time.

I also demo'd the Fischer AMC 76 in a 170 cm length on the same day and same conditions. These skis performed very well - I recall I was very impressed with how well they carved turns. But this ski was shorter than the Rossi. You can buy demo Fischers for less cost than the Rossis.

Right now, I'm skiing on Salomon X-Wing Blast 176cm skis - sidecut is 126-76-112(~), radius 16.2m. This is the best all-round length for me in this ski so I would suggest you go shorter. This ski performs very well for me in most conditions up to about 10" of powder. Any more, and I would use my 190cm Volkl Explosivs with a 95mm waist.

I would suggest you demo a few because each ski has its own quirky performance characteristics. Keep in mind, most skis have about a 3-year lifespan - powder skis maybe a little longer. Think in terms of a lifespan of 150-200 days' skiing. By then most skis start to get some material fatigue and then they won't perform as well. However, they can still be suitable for a less advanced skier on a resale.
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Thanks Empress, your first hand experience is a huge help. I was a bit concerned that 176 would be long from the reviews I'd read, so thanks for that insight as well.

I have a chance to purchase these at about half off what they normally retail. Fischer ($350) and Rossi ($400) brand-new including bindings. In addition to any experience or thoughts on these skis, is this a good purchase to being with? Or should I consider demo skis?
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The 07 Rossi Z9 was the top of the line high-performance all-mountain ski, but for 08 the top of the line is a Z11 I believe, and the 08 Z9 is one step down and classed as just a performance ski - this affects the market value.

The 07 Rossi Z9 was probably the most popular all-mountain ski last season and had the best reviews in Ski Press magazine, and they sold for higher prices in stores and on ebay, so the resale value will probably hold up a little better than the Fischer AMC 76. The 170's are more popular than the 176's.

This all-mountain category of ski is probably the best to go with - you can ski these anywhere. I've been using my Salomon's all season at Big White in all the different conditions, and they work on everything.

With demo skis, it all depends on their condition and the number of days they have been used. Demos are usually current 08 year models and will sell for about the same prices as new 07 models - $350-400 seems about right, although local market conditions can vary. Buying a demo gives you a current model and saves you money. A lot of demos only have about 15 days on them. I did it with my Salomons.

If you can demo several different all-mountain skis in one day for a single-day rental fee, it would be worthwhile and you will know what works for you.
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