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Wrong Size Volkl AC30s?

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First of all I would say I'm a mid to upper level advanced skier. I ski mainly 85% on vs 15% off-piste. I'm 5'11" and 175lbs.

I recently decided to buy a pair of Volkl AC30s and my instinct told me to go with the 170 but I was made to be convinced by others that I should use the 163 instead since it had been a while since purchasing new skis. I went against my own judgment and got the 163s. I've taken them out and they feel fantastic but I can't shake the idea that perhaps I'm better suited to those 170s afterall, mainly because of things I've read on these forums and others.

Any thoughts/comments would be much appreciated.
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As I have said in previous posts. I have 175cm Volkl 5 stars. I am 5'11" and weigh 195 lbs. I walked outside the patrol room and clicked in another patrollers volkl 5 stars. Only his is 168cm length. I skied non stop for about 2 hours before I got a call on the radio that I may have the wrong skis on my feet. I had no idea. Is there a big difference between 175cm and 168cm length. Evidently not. Last month I took the same patrollers jacket by mistake.
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So it really doesn't matter then? I wouldn't notice any significant difference between the two size? I mean, I realize thats what you're implying, but is it really that negligible?
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I demo'd the 170 and 177 in the AC30... prefered the 177.... difference was negligible...never understood how 2.75 inches could be such a big deal...
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that's what he said
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On a ski like the AC 30, I would probably go nose height for an on-piste bias, so 170cm would have been my recommendation for you. I think your gut feeling was right.
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I would have got them in 177cm but I can happly ski skis as short
as 155cm but just don't do any high speed GS turns on the short
skis. I think as a rule of thumb the faster you ski the longer your
skis should be as you will find a longer ski more stable and therefore
fall less.
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And that was my main point of contention. I love going FAST and longer skis allow for higher speeds. But alas, I have what I have and I really have no complaints at all for 163s but I also haven't gotten the chance to really push them at speed.

I was just looking for some opinions here, and thanks to those of you have offered yours. Much appreciated, and happy turns.

Guess the 170s would've been the correct choice after all but what's done is done, I suppose.


Sunapee tomorrow! Weeeee
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Stability at speed is more dependent on skier technique than ski length. Ever have Jean Mayer blow your doors off at Taos – he is a short ski fanatic. At #175, a 163 cm Volkl AC30 is a good all around fit. Bumps, tree, steep & groom. If the ski is breaking loose on high speed, it is usually due to operator error.
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I think if you want to go fast, you should get a more stable ski than an AC30. 

BT, you can see the date of the post in the top left corner.
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