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Originally Posted by ami in berlin View Post
The English seem to never tip, the French somewhat less than the Germans, in my experience.
Really? 10% is pretty usual for restaurants. We generally don't tip for much else though.

The idea of tipping bar tenders etc. like they do in the US is very strange to us.
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I was under the impression that tips were included on Euro restaurant bills. Recently riding up gondola at JH. Some waiters from the 4 Seasons were talking about their fellow server on the night before. She served up
a party of 11-16, bill about $600. They left a $11.97 tip. They were
Spaniards. The waiters did not like the idea of tip included. They would drather take their chances.... since sometimes they will get as much as 50%?!
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Personally I dislike intensely when a tip is added to my bill. A tip (or service charge as they tend to call it on the bill) should be a very subjective thing - the waiter/waitress or bar-person should earn it, and what I leave is dependent upon the quality of service I am provided.

I once left an exceptional waitress in Portsmouth (Gunwharf Quays) a tip of £30 ($60) on a £50 meal. I've also left waitresses a couple of pence - much more effective at showing your displeasure than not leaving one at all.

When I stayed in Whistler before Christmas the barstaff were all excellent and one of the barmen recognized me from the season before. The first evening was a very big tip (nearly 75%, admittidly of a relatively small bill). It certainly meant that I was attended to exceptionally well for the rest of the stay...
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can't think of anyone who works in the service industry who is too proud to accept a tip. i mean it;s free money, isn;t it?

my experience in whistler/canada a few years back-our italian ski guide for the week was so happy we were Americans and hinted that he only likes Americans since they tip. we felt a little obliged to give him a tip so we gave him about 120$ US for skiing with us for the entire week....well because we are Americans I guess....left a 20$ tip for the cleaning staff of my condo as well-my reasoning? it might do them far more good than me and maybe give me some good karma down the road.

my past trip to Europe-the wait staff was largely indifferent to us tipping. I guess there is not much to get excited about receiving a 1 euro coin for serving a 4 or 5 euro beer. I left a 5 euro tip for the whoever was cleaning up my room for the week. guess i felt somewhat grateful that i didn;t get robbed. i gave my waiter a 5 swiss franc tip on a 43 swiss franc meal and I could have swore he said something like "magnifique" when he got the receipt from me.
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Only country where tipping is copletely unusual is the Netherlands. German and Belgium people are skimpy on tip too (often give nothing) and that is not well liked at all in Austria or Switzerland. Austrians are rather on the generous side, however that means here it is common to round up even when you just pay for a coffee or sandwich in a restaurant. If there is no service in a bar, tipping is rather uncommon, however rounding up to the next 50cents allways appreciated. On big bills tipping is however much smaller, however some do so. Not even rounding up in a restaurant will get you bad looks by the server sometimes and at least in Austria is considered rude.

Throwing around money is normally only observed with Russians. I work as a snowboard teacher and am allways greatfull for a generous tip. However only tip at the end of the relation, Russian women sometimes gave me money on the lift, so that as you can expect brings you in rather unpleasant situation - though off course it's our job to flirt with women (many take private lessons only for that reason - however some think that they can buy every guide/teacher....) and ski teachers have a very bad standing for one night stands with clients in Austria....

In eastern Europe I rather tip very generous but don't know if I do right though. In the UK people tipp very much, the higher class the more.

I have never left a tip in the hotel room for cleaning though (but I'm mostly in hostels or appartements anyhow and no good hotels), but 5€ for a week seems reasonable.
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[quote=extremecarver]Only country where tipping is copletely unusual is the Netherlands.

I'd like to state that this is not a bulletproof theory, since I'm dutch.......
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Originally Posted by QmQ View Post
Originally Posted by extremecarver
Only country where tipping is completely unusual is the Netherlands.

I'd like to state that this is not a bulletproof theory, since I'm dutch.......
Being from the Netherlands as well I was also surprised by this statement. In restaurants about 10% is quite normal. One exception is that I really don't tip when the service isn't friendly, and sometimes less than the 10% if it fits the rounding. Tipping for a barber or taxi is not as standard, but they are already so expensive I don't use them .
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