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Volkl Tigersharks on East Coast Double Black Diamonds?

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Dang, did I just buy the wrong skis?

Saw a pair of new Tigersharks 10' w/Power Switch on sale at a great price and just had to dive on them after some research on this board the SKI magazine gear guide. They seemed to fit the bill as a ("the?") top-rated, versatile (switchable), all-mountain expert ski for the East coast's hardpack and icy terrain.

Then yesterday, while surfing this board, I came across a thread that contained the words "metal, bumps, and bend" that suddenly brought back some bad memories. In the early 80s I bought a pair of GS skis, the Rossi SMs, which have a metal sheet down the core. Well I took those through a mogul field and promptly bent the shovel on first day. :

The Tigersharks have "2 sheets of titanium" and a "chrome topsheet" (hope that means color, not material). Will these skis bend on the East coast double blacks, which by definition, are mogul fields? :

Don't get me wrong, I know the Tigershark is not a mogul ski, and at my late-40s age, I can only handle so much of that anyways. But the fact is that Volkl itself bills the Tigersharks as "the most exciting new skis to attack the *whole* mountain in a long time." And every "whole" mountain will have its share of double blacks, and I do want to be able to ski the whole mountain.

Just for reference, in my youth I used to be an aggressive fall-line mogul skier seeking the Starr/National/Goat/Out Limits of the East. But now I'll generally stick to the steep groomers and occasionally the easier double blacks, to maintain what's left of my skills, and most importantly as a teaching/training ground for my kids. I'm a very firm believer that, if you can ski the icy Eastern mogul fields, you can ski anything.

BTW, great informative board you all have here!
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I wouldn't worry about it if you're a good bump skier. The TS are certainly not bump skis or even soft snow skis, but you ought to be able to take them through bumps without damage. They will be great on groomed snow and hardpack, which is more of their focus.
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tigershark 10' with ps

For what you describe I think those skis will rock your world

I had them on my radar as well but ended up with i supershapes from dawg...

Keep em out of dedicated double black bump runs and you'll be fine IMHO....

BTW, please post a review on them in the member review forum after you get a few miles in on em.....:
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The Titanium sheets will provide great torsional stiffness, something quite common in modern day's top ski's. I can tell you it works pretty good in the 5*, not having skied the TS though.
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I own the TS 10's w/powers and they ROCK on hardpack.. I LIKE THEM IN THE POWER MODE.. They do Not do well in steep bumps.. Found out first hand on a double black w/moguls..

If you keep them on Groomed Hard to meduim soft runs they will give back everything you can throw at them.. Trust me.. I can RIP on the zoomer/groomers... Just stay over them!!

They are my my go to hard pack groomer ski.. Also in the quiver is the AC40, (pretty good on groomers, not good off piste crud, etc.. tip deflection), Fisher watea 94, real good in soft carvable terrain powder etc, and the Gotama, (no need to go into detail)..

If you are level 8/9 these will rock in the right conditions... Just keep them in the right conditions....
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