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Stones - are they worn out.

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[IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Joseph/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg[/IMG]I've wondererd about this before but the issue is still unresolved.

I think I have a pretty good set of stones, but they have gotten a lot of use.

How can I tell if they are worn out? The typical stone is set in a metal matrix. It seems like the abrasive surface of my stones is just about level with the metal matrix. Am I wasting my time trying to sharpen and polish my edges when I'm mostly just rubbing the matrix against the edge. Is there a criteria, or is it just impression. Here's a picture of some stones to help show what I mean, taken from http://www.tognar.com/bevel_edge_bas...owbo ard.html

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These DMT stones wear out pretty quickly. You can tell they are shot when shiny smooth metal shows through the rough diamond surface. If you are seeing the underlying metal, then the abrasive surface is gone.

Here's an old DMT stone I carry with me on the slopes, and it's definitely shot:

You sure can tell which end of the stone my thumb has pressed on when free-handing! If this was one of my workbench stones, I would have replaced it long before it got this bad. Actually, I switched to Moonflex stones for my workbench tuning setup, as they work a lot better than the DMT stone, and seem to last longer too.
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The Stones have been worn out since Bill Wyman left.
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Rub the stone against the glass to see if it will leave scratches or frosts the glass. If you see evidence of scratches or frost, there is still diamond left on your stone that can be used for sharpening.
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