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I think these for a binding would work swell. What is the longest you could get a "snow blade" in? Ideally you will want, not so much something short, but twin tip or at least a turned up tail. I would he up for a few tip roll 360's or even some tip drags. This could be a whole new movement.
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Ballet skiing was anything but gay back in 1975, as was disco dancing for that matter Really taught the art of using the outside edge.

My first ones were Kneissels which were just very short skis with a turned up tail. I made a huge leap forward when I moved to K2 Ballets which actually had a factory convex base. That would be hard to replicate now.

BTW once your Scott boots were mounted with the Spadman plate it only made sense to have Spademans on all your skis.
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Glenn Plake at Windham

Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
Well congratulations, this takes the ribbon for the GAYEST thread of the year. I bet you are a fan of figure skating too.

Speaking of which, did anyone else watch the clip on RSN when Glenn Plake visited Windham at the Snocross this year? He actually spent quite a bit of time with the local kids showing them how to ballet ski. Pretty amazing stuff for such a diversed character. I googled for the clip but it's no where to be found online.
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I forgot to add that the Rossi Cut Stage series does have an upturned tail, which is the whole reason I even considered them. I guess it's a safety feature, seeing as how beginners do a lot of accidental tip-drag 180's
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Brings back memories -- Long live ballet
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Get one of the small ski mfgs to make you a short straight ski. Add some re-curve and that might be really interesting. Maybe have the last 20-25cm on each end be re-curved, or at least have no camber.

I never knew that the old ballet skis were convex, or base-high. It shouldn't be too hard to tune a pair of skis to be like that. Just be careful if you have them tuned at a shop afterwards.

Baby Bros? Praxinis? Momentos?
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On the Rossignol website for North America/United States I found the following under their freestyle collection:

The Mini--only comes in 128 cm. 105/82/99; (15.9 TR by the calculator found elsewhere on EpicSki.) The description given is: "Short, easy-riding, twin tip skis designed for on-trail tricks." Hmmmm...

Seems a tad short to me, but it's encouraging news.

A convex base is easy to make. Use a 2° base bevel tool. Just keep filing for a little while after the edge is finished.
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Originally Posted by skugrud View Post

Brings back memories -- Long live ballet
Originally Posted by skugrud View Post

Brings back memories -- Long live ballet

I know this thread is old or dead but I think someone should find a K2 Ballet or The Ski "puppet" (I have one on the opposite coast) in a 150 and measure it very carefully , at least every 10cm's including thickness , and have one of these custom/ independent makes build up 20 pairs. Are there 20 serious parties out there that would be interested? Think about it , a new ballet ski built with modern resins that didn't have 30 years on them...
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Well, you could always build your own. http://www.skibuilders.com/  but I'm thinking that a one-off pair of skis would cost more than having someone else make a batch of custom skis for a small group. It'd be interesting to try, if one had time, money and space for the equipment.


I'm wondering if the dimensions from my 160 cm harts would scale well to a 150.

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If you need a solution, get the k2 244 "Mamba"  My Hart ballets broke and I use these now.  Smallest is 153cm, but they work.  couldn't find anything close to these and believe me, I searched and am still searching long and hard  Morris Claystone knows all about me and my search.  here I am doing my typical ballet at a small place in NJ:




Snow Dancer

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