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EPBS plates

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Can anybody tell me anything about them? Are they any good? If they are inferior, than what am I loosing when using them instead of the newer plates.
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No one knows anything about them?
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Last I heard of EBPs was about 10 years ago. Are the even still made? Got Pictures?
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the technology is from the late 1990s, so it doesn't really catch many eyes.

You ask "what am I losing" but I don't really think that's a proper question, the question should be "what am I gaining by using them and could I gain more".

You don't tell us which EPBS plates you have, so I am going to assume it is one of the nylon/fiberglass ones or rubbery ones, anywhere from 13mm to 25mm thick.

Obviously you are gaining lift and thereby quickness to edge.

As I remember those things also were quite damp so you may be gaining stability at speeds.

The next question might be: what skis are you using them on, and is a damp, high-lift, somewhat heavy, narrow plate with no metal directly under the binding and very basic flex control appropriate for those skis and what you want from them?

Put another way:

Could you buy plates with more lift? Yes.
Could you buy plates that are lighter? Yes.
Could you buy plates that are more rigid in torsion and at the binding mounts? Yes.
Could you buy plates that give you more features, like front to back binding adjustment? Yes.
Could you buy plates that give you more advanced flex control,
whether in damping, energy return, pivot point definition, or less restriction to decamber? Yes.
Could you buy wider plates to fit wider skis and wider bindings? Yes.

Do you need to or wish to do any of those things?
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