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The guys at the new Majestic ski company in Poland just sent some info on their new skis:

They make a line of freeride/freestyle/backcountry skis.
See a JPG (2mb) of their catalog here.

Carbon-kevlar with wood cores, 2.5mm edges. You can even get one model with leather strips on top!

"Majestic is a brand that combines the huge experience of technologists from Nobile factory with designers’ modern vision of freeskiing. The collection includes freestyle and backcountry skis - perfect for rails, park and backcountry kickers.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, specs and design. Majestic skis do not follow the trends, they create them. We produce our skis in EU – in NOBILE factory located in Poland.

For the first season 2009 we prepared two models FS and BC (each in 3 sizes and 3 different designs).

- Majestic FS –
Sidecut - 117-87-117
Sizes & Radius:
> Fs169 R=18,6m
> Fs175 R=20,3m
> Fs181 R=21,9m

- Majestic BC -
Sidecut - 134-99-124
Sizes & Radius:
> Bc175 R=20,3m
> Bc181 R=22,2m
> Bc189 R=24,2m

Technology details:
Real Twin Tip (FS) - Equal scoop, geometry and flex. Whatever you ride, switch or normal.

Double Layer woodcore (FS) – Two kinds of wood provide perfect flex and extreme durability.

Cutback profile (FS) – To take off with more power and land with more confidence.

Carbon-Kevlar fiber stringers - Carbon-Kevlar fiber stringers from tip to tail give increased pop and long life flex.

2,5 mm edges – The 2,5 mm steel impact edge for rails in park and rocks in backcountry.

High quality base – The unusual thick and race specific base is a perfect mix of durability and speed.

90* ABS Sidewall - The toughest construction that keeps your edges stronger and safer.

Shock absorbers – Tips, tails and binding sections have extra protection of core structure.

Versatility – Need to change skis when leaving park or bc? Not anymore.

Leather top (BC) – The Gryfions are equipped with special impregnated leather tops.

Ultra light wood core (BC) – It provides weight savings in BC skis.

99mm (BC) - 99mm waist width for control and stability in deep snow.
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