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east coast powder day ski

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Hey this is my first post!

I am trying to figure out what ski to get for the rare days when Hunter mountain gets some significant snow (like 2/25)! The day invariably plays out like this: early arrival, awesome untracked powder runs for the first hour or 2, and then it proceeds to get bumped up, or crud or chop I don't know what you call the condition, but it's a small mountain with usually a lot of people so it gets tracked up pretty fast.

I am 6'3" and weigh 215 on a good day, my current skis are 175ish but I am not averse to going longer.

I was thinking of something like the G3 Rapid Transit or similar: 90ish underfoot any ideas would be appreciated.

By the way I got into looking at the G3 via checking out the Black Diamond website and seeing that there skis are either telemark or alpine mountable. And I got to thinking that the Rossignol Sick Birds and Dirty Birds look so cool! I would love to have something that looked so sweet.

If any ski manufacturers are looking at this take note plain simple graphics on many tele skis are way cooler than the skull-n-bone-n- fire-n-carnage!

Any way I have some other skis for the usual conditions here- Volkl Six Stars and Salomon XW Tornado's, so I am not really interested in overlapping just something for the conditions described above and for TREES too if that is possible? (I know there really isn't much tree skiing at Hunter but sometimes I venture to Gore or wherever.
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Welcome to Epic alhoff! I'm also an east coaster and just bought the exact ski you're loking for- an '08 Head Mojo 90. It does everything rediculously well, and believe it or not they actually carve like banshees on hardpack and ice too. I got them as a pow day ski, but have yet to use my Rossi Zeniths again since I got them just cuz they are so much damn fun! I had my first actual pow day with them about a week ago and couldn't be happier with their pow performance- they float great, still cut a great corner, and feel solid everywhere. In my humble opinion they are the best all around eastern ski simply because there's so little that they're not great at. I'm 5'9"/170 and ski the 176, so you'll prolly want the 186. Oh, and the graphic is great, as it's a Tsunami crashing across both skis and the bases of the skis have a cool blue/black flip that I've heard looks really cool from below while in the air. Do some research and I'm sure that you will agree: the Mojo 90 is a great choice for anyone looking for a do-it-all ski to take on anything the East (or anywhere else for that matter!) can dish out! I've also demoed alot of skis before I went with these so PM me if you would like any more details or comparisons. GOOD LUCK!
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yup, my east coast "powder" (cause east coast NJ/NY/PA doesn't get powder) ski.
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I am going to look into that Head ski thanks for the advice!

What I was skiing on the other day sure felt like powder! Not some dry Utah stuff of course but exactly like the stuff I skied at the beginning of February at Tahoe!

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