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Heading to Bachelor next weekend with my daughter - an intermediate skier who's better than she thinks but doesn't like to push it, and who has never skied powder in her 8 years of eastern skiing. I'm more interested in challenging runs, varied conditions and higher speeds and no doubt she'll sit out a few runs while I seek that out. But the main question is how to get her the best experience possible out there (I am likely to bring tele gear just to slow myself down and force improvement on the free heel front).

SO -- is it as bad as Dawgcatching makes out in post 22 here -- http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...200#post869200 ?

Any tips for skiers new to Bachelor? Runs and lifts to seek out or avoid? Timing issues?

Thanks in advance
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There's tons of great intermediate terrain at Bachelor. If the weather is nice, the summit has great runs (if the weather isn't good the summit is closed). The area looker's right - i think its called Northwest has great runs and some terrific trees on snowy powder days.

I'll be there next weekend also (7th-9th). Just look for a big crowd of people on carving snowboards digging big trenches in the groomers.
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Bachelor is huge with a great variety of intermediate groomers. Our strategy when skiing there with my kids was to start on the east side and work west. As you go west the lifts tend to service more advance runs and groomers. You might find the two most eastwardly lifts (Rainbow and Sunrise Express) rather tame and opt to skip those unless you hit spring conditions where the runs on those two lifts will thaw first.

Skyliner Express is usually were we started. Chipper and Cliffhanger are our favorites on that chair. (We also like DSQ but I understand it is now a terrain park.)

Pine Martin is the next chair to the west. Thunderbird and Coffee Run are a couple good blue groomers. Outback is then next major chair you'll find. Bushwacker and Kangaroo were favorites with my kids.

Northwest Express was our favorite lift at Bachelor. They mark all the groomers as blacks but we thought they were all blues. Brookie's Run and Sparks Lake were my kids favorite runs on the whole mountain. They are winding, rolling groomers usually void of other skiers during the week.

As for the Summit, the runs off to the east are all fairly easy and wide open. I don't recommend going up if its foggy as the wide open snow fields can be disorienting especially when you don't know the mountain. It is definitely worth skiing just for the view alone.
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Unlike Rio I would recommend starting with Sunrise Express. If you get there early and can park in the Sunrise lot that is especially good as there are shorter walks to the lift. They have all of the services you need at the Sunrise lodge, including rental, food, ski school. I highly recommend the ski school at the sunrise area as it is much less crowded. My kids have had essentially private lessons for group rates because everyone goes to the main base farther down the road. There are some good groomers off of Sunrise Express that will let your daughter get her feet under her. Avoid Rainbow as it is a very long, very slow chair. From Sunrise you can work your way across the mountain and back. The views from the Summit are spectacular on a clear day. Good luck.
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It is a fun mountain, except on a huge-snow day if you don't have the right skis. For groomers, Skyliner, Sunrise, Pine Marten, Outback, and Rainbow are all quite mellow. Northwest has a bit steeper terrain, great on a new snow day, often closed though when it is snowing. Hence my compliants about the terrain. Off the Summit, if you are willing to hike for 3-4 minutes, you can get a nice steep shot down the Cirque. Take the ridge to the top, drop in just to the right of the middle Pinnacles: that is the steepest pitch on the whole mountain, around 40 degrees for around 12 turns. Unfortunately, again not open when it is snowing or windy.

Sunrise is probably the best place to park if you need to purchase a ticket. Otherwise, you can park either at the Race Lodge or in front of the Skyliner Lift and just hop over the bank to get skiing. I will be around 8am on Sunday if you want to get some turns in.

And, regarding my complaints against Bachelor: it is mostly an issue with the management, not that it is a bad place to ski. They have done a lot to piss off people recently, both tourists and locals. In their mind, they are "the only game in town" which isn't an attitude that is going over well. Running a ski shop that services people skiing at Bachelor, I hear a lot of feedback, unfortunately much of it negative.
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If it is clear, and the back side is open off the summit, go for it. You might ask a patrol or local if you can tag along. It is a wide open big mountain experience not to be missed
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Thanks for this info - it will probably make a lot more sense with a trailmap in view as well so I'll print this out and look at the maps. And point taken, about skiing up top with bad visibility. I've had a whiteout experience and that was enough.

Dawgcatching - of all people I'd imagine you could prescribe the right skis. Two ski questions: daughter is on a Fischer Vision 73 / 152ish length -- and is powder averse anyway but if it really piles up I assume you'd suggest renting a fatty for her. Is your shop in Bend? I always thought so from reading past posts but just noticed your location is Washington. I'll be on a hard snow oriented tele ski - Karhu Rox (110-73-98), but found a place in bend to rent something fatter and softer if need be.

Another question -- best weather sites for the area? Or, how to get weather info off the NOAA website (www.noaa.gov) for the mountain, and not just for Bend?

Thanks again
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Oh yeah, one more question -- food on the mountain. What do they do best, and where? Not looking for the fanciest fine dining, just good quality, fresh, etc. I usually find the best food at a new mountain the afternoon I'm leaving, after a couple days of narsty cheeseburgers.
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Here ya go.......


If you want local info on the Mt. I'll be up that weekend. Can't help you on the food,I bring my own.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Here ya go.......


If you want local info on the Mt. I'll be up that weekend. Can't help you on the food,I bring my own.
Thanks Slider for the NOAA pinpoint (and local info offer) ... I never trust other weather sites, especially weather on a mountain's own website. Maybe trust, but definitely verify.
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