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I'm a relatively new skier that skis mostly in the midwest with a trip out west, usually once a year. Probably don't ski more than 10 days a year. I am looking to buy skis to eliminate the need for rentals. Keeping the price down has to be an option. I think I have found a good deal and skis that should work well for me. I'm 5' 9" and 175 lbs. Fairly athletic, like to ski somewhat fast, but in control. I'm hoping to improve. I found some Atomic 918 puls with Device bindings for $179 in 170 length. Do you think that is a good buy and a good fit for me?

Thanks in advance!
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This is the '07 9-18 Puls, right? There's a review at http://archive.skireviews.co.uk/en/a...ls-review.html

Looks like a revamped C9 Puls to me, which in turn evolved from the C 9:18. The description fits and it looks to be aimed at the same market segment.

Caveat Emptor: this refers to my old C 9:18
Great ski. Stable - doesn't get easily deflected. Loves to be on edge. Will take you all the way from intermediate to well advanced, and will even hold its own in a family/holiday GS race.

The length looks good for you, and the price is right. I suspect it'll be happier on hardpack groomers - you may want to rent something fatter and floatier for your trips out west.
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The best skis for going fast and in control

are race skis. I would recomend a GS pair in 177cm length. I bought
mine before I was quite up to skiing them but never regreted my
decision. You might have to buy used if your budget is limited.
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