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Brighton on Saturdays

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I get into SLC next Saturday morning about 9am. I was thinking of sking Brighton first day, but was wondering how busy it is on Saturdays. My concern was that every local snowboarder would converge on Brighton. How busy is it on Saturdays in march. Nuts busy or doable?
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Brighton really isn't that bad with all the snowboarders, they pretty much do their thing in the terrain parks. It isn't crowded at all. Skied there plenty on weekends and still didn't notice a lift line. Much less crowded than Alta or Snowbird.
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MauiSteve - While I am not a regular at Brighton, I may be able to offer some input to help with your planning. In general, with the crazy Pres. week crowds gone none of the resorts will be packed.

Brighton will be hosting a USSA race on Sat/Sun (8th/9th) with about 250+ racers in attendance. However, I would not let this dissuade you ... in fact, it may work to your advantage. I was there a few weeks ago when they hosted a race with over 300 racers and the lift lines were never more than 3 to 5 minutes. The race hill is on the Millicent side and uses the new Milly Express lift. The advantage for non-racers is that most of the riders on the lift head straight down to the race course and leave the rest of the area wide open.
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