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209 Chicken Hearts,210 RC4

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209 Chicken Hearts,210 RC4 gone. If someone wants the VR17's I can get them in a week or so IF they are still there.
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Nobody wanted the VR17's I guess. (I have my own few pair..lol..and my own giant collection of stuff thanks haha..no need for any more.) I have been back to where they were a few times. Today..they had been dumpster'd.
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207 Fischers I'm all ears.
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Hi Comprex..207's nope. 1 pr 205's and a pair of 208(9?) maybe SG's? I dunno. These are Fischer RC4 RS "Super". No "Geant" or SL on them. Lt Blue/black. They don't seem like the regular SL/Geant. iirc the tips were about 90 and the waist about 60. Olin 205 Ultra SL Competition series too.
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Ooof. I am tempted.
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