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Boots and Quadriceps

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Got the 3mm allen wrench and moved the buckles on my XWaves to compensate for the collapsing of my surefoot liners.
Got the boots nice and tight at the shin. Kept my knees forward all day.
Skied harder than I have all season; no quad cramps, and very little soreness now, the next day.
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I also moved my buckle back to adjust the fit...holds the heel down a little better on my X-Wave 8's

2 questions for you....

Do you like your liners? I have busted up both feet in the past and will be getting new liners soon, would like to know your opinion of surefoot's.

Do your boots allow snowmelt to get in? (Mine do and my feet are soaked by the end of the day, gonna bag the liners in plastic next time out).
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In my experience, Surefoot liners are worthless garbage. DO NOT waste your money.
The reason I had to move the buckles to get my boots tight was to compensate for the complete collapse of the Surefoot material.

I only ski 1/2 days, never full days. I skied about 27 half-days in these Surefoot liners. I paid $584 for them. Now the liners are worthless because of compression of the material.
I got to pay $20 for each use of these things. That is outrageous.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Surefoot.
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Thanks Phlogiston. I will stay away from Surefoot.
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I ended up with Surefoot because there were no Intuition liners in stock in my size, anywhere. I had my most reliable ski shop call the distributor; none were left in stock.

I emailed a number of different shops that were listed as Intuition dealers and asked if maybe they had one; no go.
The shops order them on an as needed basis; people leave a deposit, so no one ever fails to return once it's been ordered for them.

When I got off of Hunter after the fiasco on Monday I went into the shop, they called the distributor and > voila! < they had them; they're ordered; as soon as UPS delivers them I'm driving up.

The amazing thing is that just two weeks ago the liners were fine; I was on here asking questions about all kinds of skis (like Ninthward twin tips) and going from store to store, ebay, craigslist, etc. looking for new sticks.
Then in the course of 3 days of skiing the liners completely collapsed.
And I only ski half-days; either from lift opening til 1 PM; or from 11 AM to closing, because my legs give out. Quite a change, from optimistically looking for new skis to scrambling to get new liners.
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