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Simplest Lesson of my life

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I was skiing with some school kids (do it once a week), when one of the little girls said, "Can you help me turn? I just can't do it. "
Before I could say one word, the other 6 year old said "When you want to go that way, just point your skis that way. See!"

The two took off without me having a chance to do or say anything. Most important........they were both turning!!!

Close all other threads! This Six year old has taught us all! End of lesson!!
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Great stuff!

That's why I love to teach, it's never the same.
Some need the theoretical background, som ejust need demo's and some are just triggered by the simplest directions!

What's all the fuss about, just turn your ski's where you want to go!

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Direction so simple even a child can understand. What a concept. Hard to believe isn't it.
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This is actually a concept we have returned to in teaching children. Having children look in the direction they want to go usually gets them turning.
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Some say a private lesson is the best bang for the buck but that is simply not true. Kids learn a lot more from each other than from instructors. Especially bad instructors.....
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unless then the instructor talks very little, gets the movements that need to happen to , and makes its really fun. number one reason I 'steal' lessons off other instructors is because I have mastered the art of KISS.
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KISS is a great approach for all aspects of life/work.
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Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.
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I guess this explains why so many people ski no better than 6 year olds.

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Originally Posted by TomB View Post
I guess this explains why so many people ski no better than 6 year olds.

Don't sell the 6 year olds short.
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This conversation was between my 9 year old and 6 year old daughters. In my perspective at least, it taught me how we can learn to simply things a great deal.

9 YO:
"How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck,
If a Woodchuch could chuck wood."

6 YO:
"A lot!"

(then they both started reading their books again.)
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Don't sell the 6 year olds short.
Was at Howleson Hill a couple years back just watching the littlens ski without fear and amazing grace, oh, and a lot of them on one ski, just for the fun of it. Wishing I could do as well.
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in the early 90's i was skiing in Austria and one probably 8 y\o was telling to another: "if you want to carve,move your a$$ left if you want to turn left and right if you are turning right..."
I immediatly tried and this worked!
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