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I have more ski injuries than you...I am hardcore!!

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In the spirit of the scene in Lethal Weapon where Mel Gibson is comparing injuries and gun shot wounds with the new female cop I present to you our very own "How hardcore of a skier are you?" list.

Right off the bat I know there are plenty out there that out-hurt me but I will start.


  1. Fractured/compressed L1 vertebrae: high speed crash
  2. Herniated L5 disc: same crash
  3. Fractured thumb: same crash
  4. Forehead scar: high speed pole plant resulted in a pole in the face, goggles broke, goggles slashed face.
  5. Lig tear in the rt. wrist
  6. Badly sprained shoulder (New! 1/09)

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Is this to be limited to just skiing related injuries?
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1. Snapped off two front teeth using my own fist in a compression pole plant whilst following Martin Bell. Unconscious, nearly helicoptered (IIRC which I may not) but made do with a sled ride. 3 stitches in lip. Out skiing next day

2. That's enough thanks...

PS it took a while to figure out what happened - I have no recollection of the crash so CSI style we realized what had happened when the bruising on my hand showed up. lbt was never meant to mean lost both teeth.
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This will be fun. I want to start by saying I've never been seriously hurt while skiing. I've never taken a sled (or chairlift) off the hill.

1. Broken both thumbs twice (4 seperate times, childhood).
2. Broken Coexcyx, seperated shoulder, compressed disc, concussion (end of race career. 75mph trip into B-Net, SG) end of season.
3. 20 stitches behind/ above right ear (hit rock at big Sky) kept skiing
4. 35 surgical staples+25 stitches, right knee (tree stump at Sugarbush) kept skiing, extreme cold and no blood, weird.
5. Seperated left Collar bone, early season high speed into wet snow making, Stowe VT. (told by many this injury 'can't happen'...) 2 weeks no skiing.
6. re-injured a scar on right shin (dirt jump pedal scar) on tree stump, Stowe VT. Major western roadtrip next day.
7. Knocked myself unconscious with fist, lost a ski in spring slush, Jackson Hole (while skiing with Boeri reps). Slight concussion.
8. Seperated both shoulders, Volkl demo Mt Snow (Marker demo bindings... I hate demo bindings) skied next day.
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RR, you're going to be at the bottom of your own list.
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
Is this to be limited to just skiing related injuries?
Skiing injuries only...otherwise we'll have the war vets come on here and start telling us about apocolyptic war scenarios and how they ran back to camp with an artery pinched in between their teeth to keep from bleeding to death.
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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
Skiing injuries only...
Oops, guess I shoulda read the title of your thread more clearly.

1. 1992-ish? (15 or 16 years old) - Grade 4 Concussion - Out cold and body convulsing while I was out - came to briefly in the patrol sled, then went out again and next thing I know I'm in the hospital overnight getting a CAT scan. I lost recollection of exactly what happened, but from I was told I under-rotated a 360, caught my edges at about 280 and had my head slammed into ice.

2. 1995-ish - Under-rotated a 720 at Mt. Snow at high speed. - Torn rotator cuff, got all the skin scraped off the bridge of my nose (spring slush)

3. 1998-ish - Bruised ribs - Under-rotated a misty flip in a quarter pipe...landed rib first on the deck.

4. 2000-ish - Massive hematoma on my left hip. Big Air competition at Hunter Mtn, NY. Threw an off-axis 720 and never got back on axis, heh. Landed directly on my hip from about 20 feet to solid ice. Can't believe I didn't break my hip on that one.

5. 2002 - Mt. Hood, OR - Partially torn rotator cuff on a poorly landed switch 5 attempt.

6. 2003 - Torn MCL - Bad landing coming out of Heart Chute at Kirkwood - sidelined 6 weeks.

6. 2006 - Fall down a steep barely skiable narrow chute at Kirkwood (Patrolman's) - Bruised kidney, bruised sub-luxed ribs, 6 stitches in right arm.

7. 2008 - High speed crash at Squaw Valley Freeskiing Open - Bruised ribs, bruised lungs, Grade 3 concussion (split helmet), whiplash (cervical strains), subconjuntival hemmoragge.

But have never, ever broken any bones....

(I have also torn my ACL in 2005 but that was from playing soccer, not from skiing)
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
This will be fun. I want to start by saying I've never been seriously hurt while skiing. I've never taken a sled (or chairlift) off the hill.

2. Broken Coexcyx, seperated shoulder, compressed disc, concussion (end of race career. 75mph trip into B-Net, SG) end of season.
Holy crap so are you saying you still skied down from the above crash^^?! that sounds gnarly!
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Many thumb sprains strains and dislocations.

Only real injury was a catching a toe side edge at good speed and seperating the AC joint on right side along with a consussion.

Under a lift in full red coat, white cross gear---I'm told I was awarded style points of 7's to 8 1/2's with the high and low scores thrown out---from the lift riding judges.

Walked to the aid room, but, woke up on a backboard with collar and ended up taking a ride for a cat scan.

Missed three weeks or so, and have not been on a board more than a few times since.
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30 + yrs skiing and the worst was a tree stump poking up as I rolled over a drop off, came up between the tails of my skiis..............::: missed the tail bone...........missed the jewels and hit the croxtic (sp) bone? The bone that holds the pelvis together...major impact, front flip, snapped teeth together, serious bone bruise, slight crack in 2 lower vert.

But I still skied the next day, after all they had 18 in. new and I have Advil. Other than that, never have had to skip a day due to injuries.
Thank you ski Gods. :::
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
Holy crap so are you saying you still skied down from the above crash^^?! that sounds gnarly!
Yeah. I made everyone stay away from me for about 15 minutes (I got off the course immediately), just sort of collected myself then gingerly skied down the edge to the lodge.

The right knee was funny. I caught a tree stump that looked rotten (attempted to shin it, didn't work) the stump didn't rip my pants or baselayer, but burst the inside of my leg. Drove myself to the ER, tell the nurse I need stitches. She says "come back here and let me see if you really need them", one look and I'm in the ER. First Doc comes in and says "that's gonna take more than stitches, I'll be right back." Second Doc comes in and cleans the wound, he pretty much had his inside my leg swabbing it out with gauze and some water-like substance. First Doc comes back looks at my leg and the waste from the cleaning (bowl of blood+cleaning solution+gauze), he asks who cleaned the wound, I tell him "the other Doctor"... long pause, he says "I haven't given you any Novocaine yet!" I just said "yeah, I know."

If you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

If you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough.
heh...true, true.
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Maybe we should add an additional field...

Injury? : Cause? : Did you ski away?
  1. yes, one of the more stupid things I have ever done and I was in excruciating pain the whole way down, would learn later that I probably did more damage to myself.
  2. yes, same as above
  3. yes
  4. yes, a bit dazed with blood running down my face frightening the little kids.
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I recall a thread like this in general discussion a while back, but here goes:

Bucket-handle tear of medial meniscus and partially torn MCL---arthroscopy.

Re-injury of meniscus---arthroscopy.

ACL reconstruction with cadaver graft.

Torn triangular fibrocartilage left wrist--2 months in a cast.

Broke coccyx sit turning in deep powder and hit a submerged stump---Advil.

Broke right 4th finger cartwheeling. Set it myself in the locker room and splinted with a popsicle stick.

Broke radial head right elbow, subsequent surgery to remove floating bone chip inside joint.

Broke a rib---ignored pain, Advil.

Sliced off half of right ear with a windmilling ski back in the day of "safety straps." Successfully reattached in ER.

Broke base of left thumb plus Ulnar Collateral Ligament tear---successfully pinned surgically, but pins started "migrating" and had to be removed six months later.

Most recent of course is broken surgical neck of humerus with microfracture of c6 facet and whiplash-type injury. Still recovering.

I think that's enough, yes? :

(Not even going to bother with sprained ankles, jammed fingers, bruises and minor lacerations, 'cause there's just too many and I can't remember all of them.)

...but will I ever stop skiing? HELL NO!! OVER MY DEAD BODY!! (Uh, maybe I should rephrase that...)
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LOVE the Evek Knievil thread:

I had a few broken thumbs and did something to my back that put me out of USSA nationals back in 1981. I don't remember exactly what the doc called it, but he prescribed some big white round happy pills. I flopped a pole flip practicing ballet, skied away from it, then could hardly walk the next day. My season was done (only two weeks left anyway, the two weeks that really mattered). I had no chance of actually placing in anything, but was bummed to not be able to compete. I always hated ballet. I only skied bumps and air the following season then moved on to teaching and some beer league racing. I haven't had a really bad fall since (knock on wood).:
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I broke a ski when I hit a tree when I was about 8. WWII skis my dad brought back from Europe.

I separated my breastbone from one side of my ribcage when I was in my mid-20s when some jerk ran into me while I was teaching my daughters to ski and I fell onto his upturned ski edge.

I fractured my skull in 1975 when I ran into a four-person chair that didn't budge.

I got a fracture-dislocation of my right shoulder while at the PSIA National Academy at Snowbird in 1981.

Ruptured my left Achilles tendon the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my third day of skiing for the season, in 1995. No more skiing until the next November, and it was the best snow year we'd had in a decade.

The last three all included a sledride. I kind of liked the middle ride because my humerus being located somewhere near my spine made it impossible for me to lie down, so the patroller enlisted a really cute blonde colleague to sit in the back of the sled and hold me upright while he hauled both of us down to the truck that took me to the medical center. She made the lumps and bumps easier to handle.
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Broke my wrist (radius) doing a pole plant above the speed at which pole plants are wise. Kept skiing.

Suffered a slight concussion after hitting a ridge at speed and getting launched to tree top level (where I came to). Kept skiing, but because I was so dizzy I decided not to continue skiing fast that day an took my very first ski lesson instead. I had some sort of pulled muscle in my back the next day too, but I never saw a doctor.

Might have damaged my heels landing in the middle of an icy half pipe after deciding to try it out at what seemed to me a reasonable speed; can't say for sure 'cause I really wasn't interested in seeing a doctor at the time. Heels took about two weeks to heal up.
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When I read first read this thread I thought wow I might be real hardcore. Then I read some of the real hardcore injuries. Wow you guys rule. From skiing, I only got a total 9 fractured bones and only one Loss of Consciousness. Most of you guys got me beat. I hope to keep it that way. Fortunately no ski injuries in the last 14 years. A few years ago I had some bruised ribs but that was no big deal. They just hurt like hell after a day of skiing. Nothing a few beers couldn't fix.
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1. Spiral fracture of tibia and fibula.
2. Twisted knee that hobbled me some for about 20 years, finally went away.
3. Broke my arm three seasons ago.
4. Seriously fractured my pride on many occasions.
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Yikes, I like this thread!!

Bilat dislocated thumbs x 2
Broken nose
Broken right wrist
Ruptured achillies tendons both sides
And the best one....
a runaway ski impaled into my left thigh which got me a heli ride out of the Alps.

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The least dramatic, but worst, of all the injuries was Morton's Neuroma, which appeared after a day of hard fast skiing at Iceface, in Wilmington NY.
Windchill at the top was listed as 50 below at the warming hut; I was skiing on 203cm Hexcel 542 GSR skis, with Raichle boots (tight in all the wrong places).
Being alone on the mountain in bright sunlight, I skied hard, top to bottom all day.
When I got my boots off and feeling returned to my feet I felt a popping in my right foot when walking. I assumed I had a small fracture and left it alone to heal.
It did seem to go away, only to return again and again over the years; it came back hiking, skating, skiing, walking from the buffet to the bar, strolling down the vegetable aisle at Safeway... again and again, in and out, for over 25 years.
The dislocated shoulder, shredded knee cartilage and broken humerus from different falls are easy, in comparison.
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Broke lower vertabrae at Hunter west.
bruised ribs from time to time. now i wear rib pads when
the snow is hard.
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Thirteen years old skiing in Tuckerman's Ravine fell fracturing right tibia and fibula (I could line up my heal and my knee). Shot of Demerol was a real "experience."
Twenty-one years old, toggle on jacket string fell between chairlift slats. I got off lift and it swung around pulling me over the trip bar and throwing me into the side of the lift shack. Weren't they surprised.
Forty years old, fell on ice covered pitch and slid on my back into the woods threading the needle between a large birch and larger boulder. Came out of it with a slashed ear and soiled pants.
Last week, a lady at Jay Peak who admired my skiing pulled up behind me, fell and took me down. Helmet saved my head but not my right knee. Diagnosis is possible meniscus tear. Worst of all, new foot of snow fell today - broke my heart.
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Nice Thread

I've had some pretty bad ones, but this crash takes the cake for skiing.

Compressed vertebrae, 3 broken ribs, broken collarbone, dislocated shoulder (1 high speed tomahawking crash at Basin, and I didn't ride down in a sled)

Most of the bad stuff that's happened to me has happened on a mtn bike...
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I always prided myself of having had no injuries, broken bones etc, either ski related or else.
But then I broke a vertebrae at 23 in a motorbike accident. Funny thing is that what has been most annoying after that are my right knee and calf which were "scissored" between the bike and the car. I'm still a biped thanks to the motocross boots (with iron reinforcement into the sole)...
Anyway, I've no ski related injuries so far. Does this mean that I have had the luck to bail out at the right moment? Time will tell.
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No as many injuries here as some, but I still want to be in the club.

1992: slid into tree after falling on a groomer; fractured humeral tuberosity, fractured occipital plate of skull, 3 brain contusions, subepidural hematoma under skull; climbed out of treewell when I regained consciousness but did not ski down; back skiing 5 weeks later.

1995: crossed tips and fell backwards while skiing chute with 12"+ powder; blown ACL; skied to base; back skiing 10 months post surgery.

2006: low speed sideways fall on icy catwalk; partially torn LCL; continued skiing in pain for the final two days of my trip, then took three weeks off.

2007: face planted in moguls; disslocated shoulder; skied to base; took 10 days off.
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~2003: 40 shoulder dislocations between the two, two surgeries: from various highspeed ragdolls. The last time I fell, both blew out. I don't fall anymore. Ever.

2001: NZ, Treble Cone - knee through chin from over-shooting my landing, stitches, ko'd, concussed, woke up in Marie Martinod's hot lap. Competed in the world heli challenge freestyle event the next day where I stuck my first attempt at a D-spin 7 with boots I forgot to buckle. I was kinda spacey that day, but represented the US with full-throttle throw downs. MAB told me I was scaring him after getting to the bottom with a bloody nose running down over my chin bandage from not being able to stop my rotation from a super-sized front flip (I'm guessing it was around 120.) Ironically, the same guy also told me I had to compete that day, regardless of my concussion and stitches from the day before. He said I'd forever regret not giving it a go. He's right, I don't regret my injuries as much as I would regret wondering. I know I gave it my all, and that's some satisfying stuff right there.

2001: 2nd attempt at D-spin 7 = dislocated shoulder = morphine and pushups in the lodge. (Broken River) finished 2nd in the final stop of the NZIFSA BM national tour the next day. (the prick who beat me said he scoped the line I was looking at and said it wasn't doable, then he skied it and won. This was before the vibe in comps was cool. wanker. I still would have done the final drop he went around, though )

2000: KW event. big drop to basketball-sized rock = MCL. Finished my run though and still placed 17th from 4th on qualifying day. Not bad considering the hundreds who gave it a go.

1996: crashed into a rock. the palm of my hand burst and filled my glove with blood = stitches.

1995: dove to avoid a tree = torn achilles. (now I know, just turn your skis)

There are others, but those are the memories of thinking that progression came from pushing myself (just a bit too much.)
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We have some bad ass dudes here
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samarai = Gnarls in Charge

yikes buddy. 40 shoulder dislocations? [shudder]
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
Is this to be limited to just skiing related injuries?
How's the eye?

After reading the lists, I guess it takes some people longer to learn that if the penalty for failure is high, DON'T FAIL!

My worst was getting knocked out and a concussion from a 9 year old. I skied down, but don't remember it.
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