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Which Skis To Buy?

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Sorry for people who have to read this twice. I've posted this on many forums. I'm trying to get as much input as I can.

I'm 6'0", 150 lbs male. I like to ski (in order of preference) powder/crud, trees, and groomers. I'm not a park rat in the least, but I'm starting to get into some freeride stuff, i guess. I've liked cliff hucking and jumping off of stuff in the woods. I've never owned skis before, but I've rented a couple of different models. Rossi Bandit B74's, K2 Fours, and Head MPulse. All of these were a 160 length, which I guess is too short for me, but it felt fine. I felt like the Rossis were too chattery and not quick enough in the woods. I didn't get a chance to try the K2s in anything other than hardpacked groomers. I skied the heads on hardpack and pow. I felt like I was able to do everything I wanted on the heads, but I'm not sure if they'll allow me to expand as I get into trying more and more difficult stuff in the BC and in the woods. I ski the East Coast, but I plan on moving out west in a year or two (Montana). I want a ski that will allow me ski crud and pow, jump off stuff, and carve groomers at a reasonable level. I really don't care too much about the carving, but I'm looking for the ability to turn quick in the woods. I'm not quite sure what ski length I really need, but i've felt comfortable on 160's this year. I don't want to break the bank, either, because i need to buy binders and boots this spring/summer as well. Boots I know enough to go to a shop for. I realize this is asking alot, but I'm just looking for any advice/experiences the people on this board might be able to give.

Thanks alot!
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1. when i was in the market for new skis I found this sizing chart to be a good starting point:


2. at your height 160cm seems hella short, especially since you list skiing powder and crud first. I think you need to demo and think about going longer, at leat a 175/177, maybe even something in the 180cm range.

3. you're going to have to decide what exactly your main type of skiing will be and where in order to get the proper tools, especially if you're just going to go with a single pair.

4. Sounds like you want an "all-mountain" ride, but that term is kind of an oxymoron.

5. Get the boots first. That's the key piece of equipment. Once you get the boots, then demo a few skis.

6. I know a lot of people talk about "I don't want to break the bank." This is SKIING, which is an expensive sport. Additionally, you get what you pay for. That said, there's always deals to be found and one can usually score solid equipment without breaking the bank too much.

7. as for this: "I want a ski that will allow me ski crud and pow, jump off stuff, and carve groomers at a reasonable level." that sounds like the Gotama. but keep in mind that I've never ridden it. I'm just basing this recommendation on a lotta folks who love that ski and find it to be one of the most versatile in terms of hitting a wide range of conditions.

that said, you do realize that asking for 1 ski that will ski crud, powder, and carve is a bit unreasonable, right? then again I know plenty of folks who still rip varietal conditions on hella skinny sticks...

best of luck...but get your boots nailed first then worry about skis, especially since it's pretty much the tailend of the season.
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