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ski length help

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I just recently picked up a pair of volkl walls 169. Im about 5`7. Before i skied dynastar 162s. Im doing alot more park now, mostly park. I usually hit medium size jumps and rails. I was looking for a shorter ski i was original going to get the volkl ledges in 158. But these guys told me to go with the bigger ski for park. The walls are a but the shortest size is a 161. Im thinking about returning the 169s and pick up a pair of the 158' ledges, or is a longer ski better for park. Please help me. Thanks
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Definitely stick with the 169's. You will be happier because they will be center mounted and will feel shorter because of that.
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Thanks, does anyone else have some advice.
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well someone corrct me if im wrong, but as far as i kno, the shorter the ski the more control you will have thus making a shorter ski better for the park
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but shorter will make landing more difficult
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i would think i would have more moveabilty with the shorter skis being able to spin quicker. But yea longer skis will be more stable giving me a less chance of washing out on jumps. But im not at the level yet where im hitting the huge kickers. Im currently hitting the medium size jumps.
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Keep the 169s. It is a better ski and there is probably only 2 or three inches difference in the skis. Won't be noticeable except for a slight weight difference.
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