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Jackson Hole Next Week

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Clearly the weather can change - but how is JH skiing and any idea for 7 Mar? Thanks
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It's skiing great right now.

Forecast is for occasional snow (but nothing big) for the next week. Should be very good skiing while you're here.
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Predicting 8-12" in the mountains tonight and more through the week. Should be good for your trip.
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How is Saratoga Bowl Skiing?

I have been to JH several times but I have not skied anything in Saratoga Bowl? I am an intermediate skier and have just learned to navigate medium bumps and the like. Too much for me?
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Could be ok. There isn't an easy way out if its not though. Warm up on St John, Secret Slope, Wide Open, and the Moran Faces first. It also has a lot to do with conditions. It's been many weeks scince I last skied in there so I can't tell you what it's like.
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Saratoga was okay last Sunday (Mar 2). Getting a mite sticky near the bottom, but hadn't turned to slush. Get off the lift to the right, head for the 2 dead trees, and point 'em downhill.

Ah, you are probably skiing there right now.
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Sorry I missed you Dog!
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Will be there Tuesday and maybe Friday. PM me if we can meet. Will be skiing with BP on Tues and an old HS buddy of mine.
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