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Plattekill Tomorrow?

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Does anyone know if Plattekill was open at all this week? I know they received over a foot this week, but not sure if they opened. If not it should be a (windblown) powder day tomorrow. I might head up to check it out.
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Sorry you got no answer. I guess everyone who would know were too busy skiing!

I couldn't get off today but I went to Belleayre yesterday. The powder was incredable. I imagine it was the same today at Plattekill, since they didn't open Thursday, all the powder from Wed would still have been there...
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That's ok, I couldn't make it out today. I'm heading up tomorrow. They are expecting another 4-8" hopefully Saturday's crowds won't be too bad.
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Did you go? How's condition end of day Sat?

I couldn't go today but planning to go tomorrow. Hoping the snow hadn't gotten skied off too badly.
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the Plattekill website says they had 4-5 inches on Friday... everything seems to be open.
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Were you there? How's the snow condition?
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No, I went to the website and read a report on another list. I'm planning on going sometime, but it's 1/2 hour further from me than Hunter, and I have a season pass at Hunter.
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Conditions were great for the first 2 hours, light fluffy 6" over the previous snowfall. Once the sun came out the snow got a little heavy, but it was still a great day.

Tweaked my knee when it got stuck under a branch in the woods. Really sucks, since my wife tore her ACL 2 weeks ago at Snowmss. Now we're both limping around the house.

Oh, no crowds at all. I'm always amazed at this. Longest lift line was about 6 skiers in front of me. Though there was a line for food in the cafeteria.
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