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Ski identification

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first of all, I'm really sorry to create a thread only for that question but has been in my mind for so long now and I've done so much research that i've got to ask to you guys now.

My friend has those skis that he bought used and I know that they are Salomon Equipe 3V race skis and are mounted with a S912 binding but we cannot figure out what year are those skis since I've never found any picture of exactly the same ski. Could you guys tell me what year are those ?? (I'm guessing '04 or '05 but none of what i've seen on net looks exactly the same)

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looks to me like 2005 Salomon Equipe 10 3V race PWA SL

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Yeah but The one thing is that the ''rods'' on top on the ski are going all the way to the plate which on this one aren't
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