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Hanging skis from tips

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I recently bought new skis and am storing them on a ski rack hanging from the tips. I noticed this seems to cause the tips to bend some. Is this bad for the skis over time?
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Yes, it will affect the tips over time. There are better ways to store them. The best way I've ever seen is this: seperate the ski's and then place them horozontally between two horses (supports of some kind), upside down. This helps to maintain the camber of the skis. Most people don't have room for this.

Rather than hanging them by the tips, you would be better off having them on the ground leaning up against a corner. You won't ruin the tips that way.
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I've always stored them either horizontally (on the floor) or vertically (against a wall). Never separated them.

I don't think any damage has been done in many years.

Hanging them from the tips is done quite often by rental stations.
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My storage is a couple of 2x8 boards attached together with 2x4 spacers mounted on the wall near the floor. (raised up so not really on the floor. It works like the ski holders you see at shops and on the slopes. You can put your skis in together or apart and it takes less space than storing horizontal.
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I can be as OCD (obsessive-compulsive) as the next guy but worring about the tips of skis in storage indicates to me that life is too smooth. Considering that the tips of most new skis have mostly non-structural rubber or plastic in them, I can't imagine someone actually being able to feel a difference due to storage. Just my .02 worth.
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Trouthead, I am with you. Really don't think storing is the biggest stress factor on skis.

Funny nickname btw. Please send a picture in following reply. <FONT size="1">

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I Agree with trouthead.
if a ski de-cambers these days it has had some serious mistreatment.
I do still remember the days of a tennis ball between the skis and clamp the top and bottom to maintain the camber of wood skis with no real protection.
My earlier post about my storage system is just very easy to build and takes very little space and real easy to plop the skis into. put them in seperatly to dry and then together to store
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Our locker room has storage for 250 pairs of skis. There are large wooden racks that allow the tails of the skis to slip into and are stored tails down vertically. No pressure on the skis at all. You can purchase smaller versions of this kind of rack in several catalogs and I've also seen them in many ski shops around the country.

I will say however, that I doubt any major dammage is done by hanging skis by the tips.Our old system was like this. Main problem was alot of the newer skis have flatter tips causing the skis to fall out landing on the tails causing damage to the tails. Another problem was when some one would grab their skis from the hanging rack, sometime two pairs would fall causing a chain reaction and others falling. Before you knew it, there was one hell of a mess in the locker room. Thus the change for the better.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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hanging skis from their tips?
do you work in a rental shop?
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probably won't hurt the skis much, unless they are X-series, I hear they crack at the drop of a hat......If you can't afford em', bad mouth em'. Anyone seen the snow??????
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I don't keep them long enough to worry about it.
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I don't think storing your skis hanging them by their tips will do much, unless your tips are really soft, so they might flatten a little. There are ski storage floor racks that can also be used.

The main thing is that for between season storage, that the edges and base material are protected from the elements. That means cleaning the bases and sharpening the edges removing all oxidation and rust. Apply wax to both, but do not scrape until next season. I use either a soft wax [ any wax ] or a low moisture fresh bar of soap to protect the edges.

I also back off the pressure of the binding DIN setting, so mark it down so you don't forget where to set it up to next season.

Then, at the beginning of the next season, with your boots in the skis, restore the binding adjustment, scrape the wax off the edges and base, clean, check the the edge tune, and re wax. Then your skis are set for another season. Make sure you boots fit, and that your alighment hasn't changed.

Then you are ready for another season of happy skiing.
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I have my skis stored horizontally, and it actually takes up very little space. Just screw a pair of L-brackets(the kind used to hold up shelves) into the wall at an even height and lay the skis upside down on these. Good Luck!

PS - put foam, or a sock, or something, on top of each bracket, so you don't scratch up the skis.<FONT size="1">

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Welcome back. looks like you signed up over a month ago and then disappeared for a while. Did you have a good holiday?

If you are like me, and I suspect listening to a lot of the bears here, we are gadget junkies. horizontal storage is space consuming because nothing above or below and a lot of wall space taken up. If you put real high on the wall you can't dry them in the same storage spot without getting stuff underneath wet and if you mount low you have install more brackets right above the skis to put in more shelves. If it works for you that's great but I need my wall space and I prefer a storage system that doubles as a drying location
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I use a peg rack. The weight of the ski's are held by the binding and the tip is more to steady it. I have a pic of this but haven't figured out how to add pic's yet.

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Yeah, I didn't think about it as a drying rack. I just dry them with a little towel before I take them inside -- I live in an apartment and space is pretty limited. And yes, I am a "gadget junkie" by default, I'm a computer science student!
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