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I am trying to decide between a pair of women's 2007 Volkl Attiva s4 and Volkl Attiva AC2.

I am 5'10, 135pounds, high intermediate. I ski groomed runs in the northeast (ice ice ice cubes ice) on 158 Rossignol bandits right now (i dont love these but i got them for a good price)

Both of these have gotten great reviews from ski magazine, etc, but I hear mixed reviews from people in ski shops. They say the s4 is "squirrely"(???) at high speeds, but amazing for carving, and the AC2 is an all mountain all- continent ski (sounds pretty good?).

So I am at a loss because a lot of places in the northeast do not have a long enough demo for me to try (162ish), plus they don't demo last yrs skis... im a student and can only afford last yrs. I think I want to stay in a women's ski...but maybe bc of my height I can do a men's ski?

And i am confused about stiffness. This seems to be very subjective. Is there a scale? The Bandits are fairly stiff. Not sure I could do much more stiff than that. I would like to, at some point, ski out west too!