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copper alternatives

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My family and I just got back from a great week in Copper. It's our second trip there in as many years. And ,while we love it, I want to explore some other options for next year. We drive from the midwest and don't want to spend too many more hours in the car than we already do. So, Utah is out of the question, but CO, Jackson and Big Sky are within reach.

Our likes/dislikes. My wife is glued to the blue cruisers. My older kids (13,11) follow me all over the mountain. We spend most of our time in the bowls, with the occasional bump run off Excelerator and Alpine. We never went to Tucker, because I hate down time and there was always a wait for the cat. Also, I'll hike 5-10 minutes for a fresh line, but I'm much more interested in skiing than walking.

Staying in the village, we our ticket package ($50/day/adult and $28/day/kids) seemed reasonable. We spent $225/night for a ski in/ski out condo. Going to another resort, I'm looking to not spend more than that.

One thing I loved about Copper was that I never waited in line (did I mention that I hated lift lines?) I skied up to the majority of lifts I took. The notable exception was the poma, but even that was only a couple minutes. The lines at the lifts my wife took were a bit longer, but we had the bee-line advantage as part of the ticket package. When you're used to skiing up to the lift, even 5-10 minutes seems like an eternity.

I'd like to find something comparable to our Copper experience in both the skiing and the cost. Any advice would be appreciated. Vail? Breck? Steamboat? Big Sky? Thanks.
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You don't say where in the midwest, but Big Sky has a number of lifts where your wife can ski blue cruisers and you and the kids can ski the blacks and all ride up the lifts together. Lift lines are never an issue, and it has the best serious lift-served terrain in the nation. Big sky is pretty unigue in that you can ski great expert terrain right from the main lifts. With the exception of the tram (which is all double black except for one black), you can get to all the other lifts with just 1 lift ride from the base area.

It won't be ski in ski out, but you can get lodging in the meadow for the price you specified. Adult tickets are $75, but there are ways to get discounts - as part of packages, etc.

Steamboat is also a great choice with lots of variety.

Lift lines in the areas convienient to I-70 are always going to be bad on the weekends.
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Big Sky: Lack of crowds. Cheaper tickets (and even fewer people) on the Moonlight Basin side.

Steamboat: No real deals, but a great family resort. If coming from the Midwest, take I-80 through Laramie, WY, then swing south rather than taking I-70 through Denver.
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You can definitely find some nice, slope side condos at Steamboat that are at or below $225.
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