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1080 Gun & Line Celebrity - bindings? length?

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My husband and I just returned from an amazing week at Alta (sun, snow, sun, snow, thunder & lightening:!). BUT our eastern Bandit Xs (170) and Volkl 4stars (168) couldn't handle the pow. We demo-ed and loved the Salomon 1080 Guns (him) and Line Celebrity (me). Now I'm looking for some good deals on them. My wonderings are: what length and what bindings to buy/use. The less $ the better.
Our specs are pretty similar: 5' 8" 140 lbs., although I (ahem) am the more aggressive skiier. We're 41 and 48.
And any thoughts on these skis would be great as well. Our fav mts are Alta and Mad River, so we tend to ski more off-trail (lotsa bumps, trees) than on. But we only get to put in 10-20 days a year. sigh.
thanks much.
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For the Gun I would recommend the 174cm length if it is mainly going to be a powder ski and a 164cm length if he is looking at the Gun for an all-mountain ski he can take into the moguls and trees.
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Great -- that pretty much confirms what I was thinking. I skiied the 174 Guns all over the mt., and they took on everything (powder, bumps, chunk), but wonder if I'd feel even better w/ 164s.
And anyone w/ bindings suggestions/advice? I humbly admit that I'm at the mercy of the ski shop when it comes to bindings. It's a mystery to me....
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Once upon a time I would have said without hesitation get the matching Salomon bindings but Salomon stopped making the 810 and 912, two very good bindings, replacing them with the Z10 and Z12. The Z10 and Z12 have had good feedback from non-aggressive skiers but not from aggressive skiers. The advantage of the Z10 (which should do fine for your wieght) is it is a very light binding which combined with the Gun will be a very light set-up. (You would also get the advantage of an extended warrantee on your skis.) The disadvantage is Salomon is charging a lot of money for them compared to offerings from Look/Rossignol and Tyrolia. Personally, if I were buying for my girlfriend I would see if I could get a good deal on the Z10s since she won't out ski their performance but for myself I would look into the Rossi Lifter 120 Axial2 or Look PX12 Lifter.
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Thanks, that's helpful to get some recommendations. And I'd noticed positive feedback on the Z10s on the SkiDiva site. Although I'm a pretty aggressive skiier...but does my lighter weight (140) make that less of an issue? Have also heard good things about the Marker Jesters, if anyone wants to weigh in on those?
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