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[As of lately, SAC is a clearing house for crappy women's clothes.]

That is why I just picked up some Mythic Riders for $412
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I saw that is morning too...

I also knew somebody was going to call me on it too.

This is the time of year when the skis start showing up. This past winter was brutal, nothing good at all.
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Dude, anything is better than eastern groomed ice. except eastern ungroomed ice.
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Stephan, You must have holes in your tongue from all the times you must have to bite it
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My 75-year-old mother doesn't ski when it gets too deep or when the visibility gets lousy. She's a terminal intermediate but she's logged an awful lot of 100 ski day seasons in her life. Without gapers, very few ski resorts would stay in business.
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It's really pretty common for people to complain about actually - too much snow. Blows my mind every time though!
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
"there was too much snow"
Move along folks. Go on home now. Nothing to see here.
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Here's one;
I rode a lift in Park City the other day and a tourist informed me that there was so much snow they were hauling it out of Main Street in dump trucks to the municipal snow melting facility. This was gospel, as he got it from a plow driver. Well, the first part is true. As for the second part, the bond for our huge, state of the art, nuclear fired melting works didn't pass. Maybe next year.
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yup - kind of funny when we stayed in SLC that on the news they reminded people to dispose of snow on their own property because the city was running out of places to put it
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I overheard this in Jackson at the top of the Gondi while attending a steep and deep camp, we were in the café waiting for the mountain to open. The only other people that were there were those that had paid $$$ for the early ride with a red jacket. It had snowed 12" that night and had been dumping all week. "Where's the grooming report" and I might add they were not looking for a grooming report for places to avoid either. All I can say is, good place for them.
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That's funny! They paid extra to get out early on the groomers????? Go to AV and have at it! (although I like St. Johns and the area under the lift at the top.)
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On my first ski trip to Europe (Verbier) with a local ski club, two complaints were voiced by a number of the group:

- Why don't more people speak English
- Why aren't ALL of the powder fields/trails groomed - I can't ski this !!!!!!

The club was named the Huggers but on that trip it was more suited to be called the Gapers !!!!
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I just threw up a little in my mouth... ugh...
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