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I don't know about Lance Armstrong but the last I heard of Greg LeMond he was Formula racing in SCCA.
Michael Schumacher would do well. He's incredibly fit and a pretty good soccer player. Actually some Winston Cup drivers are pretty fit. Mike Waltrip runs marathons. It's still boring to watch them go in circles though.
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Speaking of racing athletes, how about the top motorcross folks? And GP motorcycle racers?
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One thing we might all be forgetting here: these TV competitions are idiotic and not much of a real test of athletic skill. I get the feeling most of the contestants are there for the free trip to Jamaica, or wherever the heck they're holding the contest. They MAY, in fact, be doing these competitions between sips of beer (to borrow from another post) [img]smile.gif[/img]
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wonder what a "real" test would be.
what are the elements that make up an "all-around" athletic over-achiever?

power, endurance, precision, balance, mindset...?
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wait a minute, ryan, you forgot a critical category...

* internet forum debate *
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Undoubtedly top of the heap would be British darts players.
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Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
Undoubtedly top of the heap would be British darts players.
Warning Irony zone.
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Certainly on the stamina front, and their focus, they should definitely qualify, unfortunately Ryan has already specified that anything done between swigs of beer doesn't count...
What about things done which include swigs of beer? If so, I vote for Bobby George and Eric Bristow.

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For those following (and wondering why), I now open this discussion to include things done whilst and/or between swigging beer.
The Internet Forum Debate Games have been held. Eurotrash lived up to expectations (whilst and between swigs of beer) but the real excitement arrived with the surprise late entry of one Mr. #. #. Poundkey. Tune in next week for results.
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Originally posted by JohnH:
I also think that Pete Sampras and other top tennis players would fare well. Mostly because they seem to use the same type of training regimins that top skiers use, and they have full time personal strength and agility coaches. Tennis players also have the advantage that their sport is a bit more upper body (or whole body) oriented than skiing. They are also a bit more suited to endurance, since they go for hours at a time, every day for a couple of weeks, during the big tournaments.
I don't know that tennis is that upper-body oriented. Yes, arms are used, but power comes from timing; strong legs and stomach are vital, strong arms are not. In this way it's similar to skiing. Eye-hand coordination for tennis players would be better than for skiers, however. Maybe that's what you mean.

As far as Lance!, I remember reading in his autobiography that his eye-hand coordination is pretty crappy. He was bad at typical "Texas" sports -- eg football, baseball -- and discovered swimming first, became good at that, entered a triathalon, and did extraordinarily well. He is otherworldly when it comes to endurance. But eye-hand? Don't think so.
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Yeah, I agree that Lance Armstrong, while a great athlete, would lose out. I think Big Mig in his prime would have caned him as an all-round sportsman.

My bet goes for a guy called Lomana LuaLua. He's a young striker for Newcastle United, and he has pretty much everything. Totally ripped, amazingly agaile, incredible hand eye co-ordination, and indefatigueable fitness. Much as I respect Maier, and Armstrong, he isn't going to beat this guy.

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In the Netherlands we also used to have similar competitions, pro-soccer players players _always_ won, pro-cyclists were always last; although the soccer players did not have the endurance of the cyclists they were much more agile and tended to have better reflexes (as somebody that tried to make it as a pro-cyclist I am not the most agile person either). Track and field athletes and gymnasts tended to be close to the top.
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If ya downhill ski ya just a lazy fuker that likes to slide around the place with a little cool breeze in ya face and let show ya neighbours ya got the cool gear for doing it!!
unless of course ya drop in and shout!

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