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Has any one been to Kicking Horse

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Hey, im from Australia and looking to work in Canada for the 08/09 season as a Ski Instructor or any job I can get. Has any one got some suggestions on what some good places are. I have been to Whistler before and liked it but im not interested in going there again to many people. I have also been to Silver Star a few times which i really liked but its all below the tree line and i would like to try out more open bowls. ow and also been to Aspen and stayed at Snowmass really liked that too.

Im looking for some where with not to many people, alot of steep and deep. open bowls and glades. mainly looking to ski on expert terrain.
The night life sort of thing isnt that important more after pure skiing. It would be good if the place was not to far from other ski areas too so I can try others out easily. Some where where there is generaly good visability would really be preferable.
Ow and it would be cool it there was some good backcountry areas around too because im interested in getting into backcountry skiing skining up you know with an AT setup.

At the moment im looking at Kicking Horse which looks cool because it has alot of expert and adavanced terrain and alot of vertical. does any one know if they allow out of bounds skiing off the lifts there? and also what is golden like?

Fernie looks good too, but im trying to escape the crowds

Revelstoke looks sweet but i might wait until its abit more accessible because from what I have heard that accomadtion could be tricky.

i would really like to work at US resorts such as Park City, Alta or Jackson Hole but they all require me to work until april which I cant doo.

Any way I would really appreciate advice on the resorts i have mentioned and any recomendations that you guys could make about other good places to go.
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I have been to Kicking horse twice and it sounds like exactly what you are looking for.
It is definately steep, lots of open terrain and ridge skiing.
Both times I was there crowds were non existent, you skied right onto the lifts. Mid April and there was lots of fresh snow at the upper level.
The lift system could use some improvement.
I dont know if I would want to ski there all season though.
You are within a reasonable drive to Panorama to the south and Banff to the east.
Golden is nothing to write about, it is a truck stop on the Trans Canada highway and it looks like it.
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yeah thats what i herd golden was like, when did you lasy go there?
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Yes, Kicking Horse has an open boundary policy. In my opinion, Kicking Horse has some of the best lift accessed backcountry skiing in North America. The bowls and lines off of and between Terminator Ridge and T2, Feuz Bowl, and out to Rudy's and beyond, it's all very steep and easily accessed with or without skins. There is usually a boot pack and several skin tracks.
People keep complaining about the lifts but I don't get it, 1 gondola ride and you get 4,000 vertical feet and access to literally hundreds of different steep lines which all funnel back to the base area, all those backcountry lines I listed funnel back to the base area so you can get multiple backcountry laps in per day.
As Ferniefreeheels would point out, kicking horse does not get hit by every single storm like Fernie, but those upper bowls get blown in and refreshed quite a bit. I was there in January and 1 6" storm turned into a foot to 16" in those upper sidecountry bowls which we hit over and over all week long.
Golden is a very cool little town with some great little bars and really cool people. I always have a good time there, it's a great little ski town, kind of like the anti-Vail. Some people get turned off by the smokestacks from the mill, but it's not that bad.

Anyway, I highly recommend Kicking Horse, it's now pretty much my favorite resort. You also have Revelstoke about an hour up the road which is scheduled to surpass K Horse as my new favorite resort. And if you're looking to get into backcountry skiing Roger's Pass may be the Mecca of backcountry skiing, do some research on that area too, it's super cool.
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We got back from KH a couple of weeks ago. Really liked it but a lot of the terrain was out of my league which means it right up you're alley. It's considered the Jackson Hole of Canada and with good reason. Driving around was pretty hairy though.
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My dad was kicked by a horse, does that count?
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Will Kicking Horse still be winter in late march, or will it be spring, wet snow skiing?
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Here is a link to some pictures taken at KH late last march on a trip I took with my 14 year old son.
You can see it is still winter conditions.
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