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Pics: skiing Mt. San Jacinto above Palm Springs

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Great shots -- what month of the year was that. I eye those chutes every Feb when I'm down in PS for an annual conference and keep thinking about bringing the boards down.
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Wow! I would love to go hiking in the Mt. someday cause I will never ski something like that. :
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It ain't Baffin Island, but it sure ain't bad! You probably didn't even trash your bases in the process.

Question - In photo #3, are you free-heeling it, or is that just a whole lot of tip lead at that one moment?

Damn, that looks like it was a lot of fun!

Any more pix?

Tom / PM
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Way cool pics

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Nice pics ryan.
PhysicsMan, I don't think ryan or his friend are freeheeling. It appears (to me) an AAE (Applied As Estimated) tip-leading...
Like this:
coming to a stop
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I can't see your photo!

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Fox, can you now?
I don't know why, but everyone has problems when trying to see the pictures I post. I think I'll have to change provider. Or stopping posting pictures [img]smile.gif[/img]
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No, still can't see it.
But I did go on to your web site and found it there. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to post images!

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OK, this is weird,
Now that's I've tracked down the image (and the link you posted is where it is), it has cached it to my PC, so I can see it. But when I tried to copy & paste the link, it just came up blank.


Could someone who knows about computers explain it to me???

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Give us some details on this place:

o What time of year are you skiing in these shots?
o What would be the "season" for skiing there?
o How long a hike is it?
o How many feet of vertical, hiking and skiing?

Great shots. I'd have loved to been there.

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Great shots!

I'm with everyone else, need more details. Time of year, how late does the snow stay, is it unusual to even *have* snow there, trailhead, vertical, # of hours to the top, is it tracked out etc?

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Not me, folks. I don't ski with ropes yet.

These are some Caltech students applying the laws of physics.
There is some great backcountry skiing in southern california, in the San Gabriel Mtns. and the San Bernardinos. I've wondered about this particular area, having taken the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up from the desert floor. Once there, if you're so inclined, there is a network of nordic trails for those who do that, otherwise it's a hike to the summit and picking your way down.
Looks pretty dang great. This skiing was done in March.

more info...

[ August 16, 2002, 07:39 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Couloir had a good article about this area a few years ago (vol 10 #5). The Snow Creek drainage sounds like a real epic; 3500 feet of gnarly bushwacking that might have to be done in the dark. Climbing back up, and skiing back to the tram makes more sense.
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Killer pics
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Nice shots!!!
Going to School in Redlands & driving to work parking cars @ the Marriott Desert Springs I would always eye some of those chutes. Like you, at the time I stopped cold when I learned difficulty of entrance.
Plus there were no friends in SoCal I would have been comforatable going with. Thanks for showing me who has done it.
Mountains down there were great to hike & I wondered what the b/c skiing would have been like. (you have heard my gripes about the resorts there enough)
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Nice Palm Springs shot's! The San Gabriel's have lots of great spots,like Baden Powell,and the slide area behind Wrightwood, that are as steep as any. All we need is a 4WD and alot of snow! So Cal Rocks!
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