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Taos lodging

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We're going to be skiing at Taos mid week the week of March 17 (yes, this is the same trip that was going to include Steamboat but that was too complicated. Now just includes Santa Fe, with grandchildren the weekend before, and Wolf Creek the following weekend). What's a nice, reasonable place to stay -- I realize "reasonable" means in town, not at the mountain -- for 3 days or so. And any must-see non-skiing spots, and dining suggestions are appreciated.
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There are many. Take a look at the Best Western Kachina Lodge.
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I've stayed at a few places in town, and so far I liked Don Fernando de Taos (for the price, there are more expensive places).

Do you realize that the week of March 17th is probably really bad for Taos? They open for snowboarding on the 19th so a lot of boarders will be going to the mountain, accomodations may be scarce and the mountain may be crazy busy (spring break too). If I were you I'd do all my skiing at Taos before the 19th and then go to WC.
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Second Kachina Lodge. It's a best western; cheap, clean on the north side of town. I happen to like the LaFonda because it's the real deal old hotel oozing New Mexico charm, but it might not be for everyone, right on the Plaza, but don't know about the price.

If there's a good band, don't miss going to the bar at the Sagebrush Inn. it's an old west icon and the dancers are often phenomenal.

Harwood Museum has the Taos School painters and a room devoted to Agnes Martin; Millicent Rogers Museum has her amazing collection of Native American Jewelry.
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And eat at the Guadalajara Grill, Orlando's, and Taos Pizza Outback to name just a few - all on the north end of town. A TSV employee told me that they've been told they can't ski during the first week of snowboarding because it is expected to be nuts. So, ski before the 19th if possible as mentioned above.
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Thanks, all for the advice. Booked the Kachina for 3 days, so at least it hasn't been overrun with snowboarders. The location looks good for all those restaurant suggestions. And I hope the snowboarders are all hardcore types who want to try the stuff that'll be over my head anyhow.
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