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Skis and boots for racing

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Hey guys,

This is my first post, and I apologize if it gets long. I'm 17 years old and started skiing since I was 2. I'd consider myself a level 9 skier. I have never raced, just kind of skied down the mountain. However, a friend recently got me interested in ski gear and racing on a recent ski trip, and I guess now I have "the bug." I'm a junior in HS and decided to join the ski team next year.

I'm 17, about 5'8", 135 pounds.

I originally wanted a pair of shaped all mountain skis because I like to hit moguls and carve down mostly on-piste terrain. So I demoed a couple pairs of the Salomons (Equipe 10 SC, which I LOVED, and the Streetracer 9, which was way too soft and almost uncontrollable) and realized that I like carving high speed turns more than anything. Then another friend said I should join the ski team, and the rest is history.

Anyway I'm looking to get a pair of skis for slalom and GS next year. I found a pair of new but older 150cm Volkl P50s for pretty cheap. I think those should be fine for slalom.

But I've been looking at a newer ski for GS. I was thinking of demoing the Fischer RX4 WC series, and the Volkl Racetiger series. I really don't know what to actually look for when demoing a ski; I just go by what "feels right."

I should also mention that I have a pair of 180cm Atomic Beta V's that I "stole" from my brother who went to college.


-Would that pair of Volkl P50s be a decent set of slaloms for me? They're unmounted. I was thinking of mounting a pair of Salomon 700 bindings that I have lying around. Would those be sufficient?

-Does anyone have a recommendation for a GS ski? Would I be better off not buying the P50s and getting something between a SL and GS ski?

-Is there any chance someone my size can make use of the 180cm Atomics I have?

-Can someone point me in the direction of picking out a good pair of boots for racing? I'm totally lost...

-Any other advice you guys can think of would be greatly appreciated.

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GS Ski- your weight... look at the Atomic LT 12.. However, are you club racing or USSA/Fis Racing? That will limit your choices in skis.

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Try out a pair of Head Raptor boots, fo ryour weight the 120s are probably more than enough..... the Raptors are the best boots I have ever owned....and I have owned all the major brands (excluding Atomics).
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If you are going to do both Slalom and GS races, then you probably at some point want 2 skis in the quiver. Slalom skis tend to be 170 CM and lower and under 14 meters in radius for the side cut. FIS for men tends to be 165 CM so you see quite a few of those out there, as well as shorter 160 CM, 155 CM and 150 CM is the shortest for most all adult skis. The shorter the ski in general the tighter the turning radius (unless the manufacturer adjusts the ski width dimensions in the tip and tails) So a 165 CM ski may have a 13 meter radius and the 155 could be something like 11 meter.

The P50's you ask about- what condition are they in? How much edge is left on them. They are 3 generations back and probably somewhere around 7 years or more old. They should be pretty cheap due to their age, and if they are in good condition they may last you for a season or 2 to start out. As for the 700 bindings, what is the max din on those, and based on your weight what do you run for a din now (somewhere around a 5 maybe?) If the din is not at the high end (and remember as you go up to racing some will go to a even higher din than the charts show, so you do not release prematurely) then you could probably be safe with the choice as long as they test and release OK. The P50 probably will not have any plates on them, so you may also want to check out any riser plates to gain some height on the mount. You also have to find out (by demoing hopefully) if at your size and weight can you flex and bend a full race stock ski or would you be better off with a woman's ski or a less stiff all mountain ski or softer Slalom ski like say the Fischer Race SC series or similar softer flex ski that you can work better than a full FIS race stock ski that would be pretty stiff ( Especially if the ski is new as opposed to a used ski that has had some runs on it- skis can too loose their camber but not their stiffness in older used skis out there.)

As for GS skis, true FIS GS skis are usually somewhere around mid 180 length and and 21 meter radius (soon to be changing next year). Some find these true race stock skis are again too long and stiff for a smaller racer. There are quite a few "cheater" GS skis that are popular with the league racers, Nastar etc. that are somewhere between a 15 meter up to say a 19 meter turning radius like the all mountain skis in the Volkl AllStar, 6 Star etc. would be. These would be something like the Fischer World Cup RC or Atomic Race or LT series skis.

Volkl has had the Racetiger series out now for a few years, before that is their P60 series, and then P50, etc. I do not remember the exact number of years the P60 were on the market, but the Racetigers were either 05 or 06 introduction as the replacement to the P60 series. They are available in both Slalom and GS series and retail series used a system plate and Marker bindings, the race stocks were flat with most using some sort of plate to mount the bindings on them and were not binding brand specific.

If you are attending the school you will be racing for now, see if you can talk to your coach of the race team and get some feedback from him on what the courses are typically like and if the FIS rules and regulations will apply or not.
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Rule #1 for race or any boots. There is no "best boot" ...... by brand!

Period and end of story!

There is a best boot for you however. Each manufacturer will have a fit that is unique and you need to understand this especially since a race boot will set you back a few dollars.

The shell of the boot has to conform to your foot, ankle and shins.

For instance, I have a "Lange" foot .... a bit on the narrow side, though now Lange's are a bit roomier in the toe box .... many people would be in hell trying to ski in my boots.

Try some boots from a few different manufacturers .... Rossi, Lange, Technica ...... Nordica ... will all have a different feel.

Be wary if the shop will add a lot of packing or making adjustments, there is only so much you can do ..... add material or grind the inside of the shell.

Try a bunch on .... get it right the first time .... minor adjustments will come later.
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Yuki's right times 10. The correlation coeffecient for boots and boot fit is way under rated/underconsidered as a variable in the skiing equation. If there's slop (or pain restriction) between your foot and your edge your not gonna get the optimal use of any ski. Folks spend hours and hours talking about skis and posting photos of quivers, but it is all moot if they aren't ratcheted in worth squat.
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I would suggest a 155cm SL race stock ski one or two years old max. Spend more money on the SLs.

A 167cm GS race stock ski will probably be best for your height and weight.

These lengths are subject to what you can legally use for the level of racing you will do.

Both skis need race plates and bindings that will go to at least DIN 12.

Check out Lange boots - they have been used more over the years than any other boot for racing. If you are serious, you will need a custom footbed for the boots - it will improve the fit and responsiveness of the boots.
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Let me try to answer everything.

The P50s are brand new. They have just been sitting on the shelf since they came out.

The Salomon bindings go up to DIN 10, I think. Right now I ski on DIN 6.

I know what to look for in terms of fitting a boot, but don't really know what to look for in terms of stiffness and things like that. Help?
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My advice to you would be to check out ski team swaps in the fall for skis & bindings. Don't spend the bank right away, because once you are racing & the bug takes hold, you will know more what you actually need, & become a gear junkie like so many others on here.

Boots, & boot balancing, should be your #1 priority. Speak with coaches & boot fitters to find the right boot with the correct flex.

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Originally Posted by yakmanic View Post
... However, are you club racing or USSA/Fis Racing? That will limit your choices in skis.

You didn't answer the question from Yak above. As he said. If you are racing FIS/USSA you will be limited by their rules. A GS 175 will be no good. You will need at least a 180. A 150 SL will be no good. You will need at least a 165. And those numbers are just for the length. For GS, if you get a pair of 180 but they have a radius of 25 meters it will not work for you since you need a minimum of 27 meters (2008-2009 rules which is when you will be using them).

Find out from your team if you have to follow those restrictions before you purchase anything. And if they have to be FIS compliant, take a look at http://www.ussa.org/magnoliaPublic/d...sequipment.pdf
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Oops, sorry. I'm pretty sure it is just club racing (no real rules). It's really just a league with a few local schools.
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