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Atomic Race 412

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This binding has 4 settings of forward adjustment from agressive, all the way forward, to back all the way for all round skiing. Can some one tell me how me how to make these adjustments?
The setting on my binding is back and I wish to move it forward to the agressive position. The binding is mounted on Atomic SL12 skis
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The front of the binding has a switch on it. Push it to the right and slide the binding forward. Once it is on the position you want, release the switch. Here is a picture of my 10.18s, they work the same as the 4.12 does.

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There is a small nose piece on the front of the binding. Green-SX Red-Race,ect. just push it to one side or the other while sliding the binding. It will move and make sure it locks in place when your done. Then look at the marks on the side to see if both bindings are set on the same mark. That's it.
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If the front lever or the binding have not been moved in awhile (or have never been moved), you may have to rap them lightly in the proper direction with a hammer or the like to "unfreeze" them.

Also, a few times I have had shops assemble the binding incorrectly, and had to take it apart and re-assemble it correctly before the binding would slide properly.
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