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creaking zeppa

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I recently got fitted for a new pair of boots (Nordica Beast 10 size 28.5 with custom Conformable footbeds), and they fit great. On the third day I wore them, I was sitting in the lodge and kind of wiggling my right toes when I started noticing a "creaking" feeling (not a sound) when I pushed down with my toes and then releasrd the pressure. When standing up, I could put weight on my right foot and when releasing the pressure, I would feel it again. Also when walking. It didn't seem to have any effect on performance. Left side... no problem.
Later that night, I disassembled the boot. When standing in just the shell...no creaking. When the zeppa board was inserted, and I stood in it, there it was. Not knowing what to do, I placed a couple of slivers of an old Superfeet green liner under the toe end of the board and it solved the problem. Putting the slivers under the heel end didn't help.
Is there any consequence to leaving this in, or will the creak do no harm and I should remove the slivers? The reason I ask is that I feel like I might need more forward lean in (both) the boots and I don't want to angle my foot backwards, although I didn't notice any detrimental effects when skiing. The shop where I purchased them is nowhere near my home, but I will be in Sunday River next week and hope to find a bootfitter for a stance evaluation.
Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Take the "slivers" out. Just let 'em creek! You might be able to find the area on the boot board that has a friction spot rubbing against the shell and slightly sand it down (bootboard) to eliminate the sound/feel.
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