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Vasti medialis injury?

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I'm puzzled about this. I was skiing Monday before league races and "stubbed" my race boards on a powder drift, and went right over the handlebars. Both heels released. I felt fine, got up, got back in the skis and
skied. No pain. Raced, did great (for me).

Next morning, I have this burning pain in my vasti medialis (is that the correct plural form? I mean both my left and right vastus medialis, which are the inboard quad muscles) - symmetrical pain. Hurts mostly when I touch them!

I'm just assuming the crash was the cause, i didn't do anything else different.

I can walk around fine, go up stairs, etc. But I know there's something there, and they really hurt when I touch them.

What did I do? What should I do now?

Thanks much!
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The old standby first---R.I.C.E.---rest, ice, compression, elevation. And take anti-inflammatories. If you're not better in 2 or 3 days then G.I.C.O.---get it checked out.
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