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So where ARE a Goat's real mount points?

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So broke down and bought some new Goats, 07-08, 183 cm, and went about the usual measurements to determine running surface, BOF etc. so I could decide where to have the bindings placed. Weird experience, found out the following:

1) The silver X's on the top for true center and boot center have no relation to measured ski length or running surface or anything else that I can determine. The measured center of the running surface is over 4.5 cm in front of the "true center" X on the top sheet. Volkl reps appear to agree that the topsheet marks are not to be trusted (see below).

2) There is no sidewall mounting line or mark. I emailed Volkl twice about this since they seem to think there is, told me to consider that, not the top X's as the "real" ski center. But the only things on the side are the gold "Volkl" and symbol, plus the embossed serial # and length. Hmmm. They'll get back to me.

3) People here seem to assume the "true center" is the same as the old forward mark, and the "boot center" is the same as the old rearward line. But this doesn't seem to work in terms of the real measurements, which on the 06-07 white models had some systematic relation to the lines. So is this just an assumption or has anyone actually measured this, or been assured by insiders at Volkl etc?

4) Do you guys who mount these everyday measure and mark it yourself, and if so, where do you put the mark? At ski center? So many cms behind? Or do you shrug and use the topsheet X's as if they were the old lines?

Thanks for the help in advance. Did a search and we have a bunch on weight/style vs where to mount, nothing really on what relation those favorite points have to the ski's measurements.
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I'm pretty sure if you search you'll find extensive discussion of the Gotama mountpoints. Including which vintages were mismarked, topsheet vs sidewall and even exact measurements for mountpoint to tip/tail measurements. And IIRC maybe even some comparisons of sidewall marks to Volkl specified distances... It may take some work, but it should all be there in excruciating detail.
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Some of the threads Spindrift has eluded to, are as follows
Hope this helps more than confuses.
I'd say the last one, is probably the one I'd start with.
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Thanks guys. Eventually the Volkl folks fessed up that there's no line, gave me the mm from tail tip, horizontally measured. All better although still not same as running center. Ah well, I'll stagger through.
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I have this year's version. I mounted at the "boot center" line. Is that where you are planning to mount or are you thinking slightly forward? I'm curious as to whether moving them forward a smidge (+1 ) would be a good thing or not even noticeable.
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