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Park City Question - Itinerary

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Wife and I are heading to Park City for the first time. Arriving in SLC tomorrow morning (10:15 am) from Philly. Will have a rental car. We are leaving Sunday at 5 pm and want to ski all 4 (well, 3.5) days. Also want to hit all 3 Park City area resorts.

Was thinking DV tomorrow (as they sell an afternoon pass), PCR on Friday and Canyons on Saturday. Then Sunday decide where we want to repeat knowing we will have to cut out by 1:30 or so. I figured PCR would be most crowded on Saturday.

Any thoughts or other suggestions? We will save Alta/Snowbird for another visit.
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Sounds good to me. PC was deserted today. Saturday can get busy. The big week was last week, so everything's more relaxed. It's sunny and just warm enough to make the skiing pleasant and keep the snow crispy.
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You can get the half day skiing at DV for free tomorrow! They run a freebe program which allows you to ski for free on your arrival day...
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Actually you can't get the free day. Check the date restrictions:

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Its 30 minutes from Canyons to the airport (but its also a long haul off the mountain to the parking lot). That is unless there is a snowstorm - SLC version of highway pass maintenance appears to be to let enough cars do 360s until all the snow gets spun off.
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My standard first day is lunch @ DV and an easy afternoon of skiing. But then again that's because of Quickstart which is blacked out right now. But it's not a bad way to do it either way. Lots of grooming over there usually and even a few areas with snow on the trails. Try out Ontario and Empire Canyon for challenge.

They take your stuff out of the car, then you can head in and get something. Foods pretty good too and not as pricey as you'd think for what you get. The salad bar is awesome ....

Without knowing what kind of skiers you are, there's a variety in PC. PCMR has Jupiter bowl for some steeps and snow as well as McConkeys chair. Lots of groomers and the bottom area can become a pinball gallery so watch out.

Canyons has a bunch of stuff - I've only been there once so I'm not the best person to ask. We did do Dutch Draw a few times which was cool (although hazardous at times for avvie danger). Kind of a weird layout - skis smaller than the acreage they claim because pretty much everything is mid-mountain up. But more of a BC feel to it than the other places.
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We ended up sticking to the iternary and it worked perfectly. The half day at DV was plenty as we liked that mountain the least. We ended up at PC on Sunday, for a powder day, as that was our favorite of the three.
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