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Do you check the forecast a lot before a trip?

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This is getting crazy. We are going on our yearly mini trip. I start looking at the long range forecast before our date is even in range. Then our ski day goes from rain/snow, to cloudy, to light wintery mix and it is still six days out.

I breath a sigh of relief. Then get a pukey feeling. We are going to be there on that day no matter what, and I have no control over weather, that I know of, so why bother looking at all.

It's just the excitement of a little ski vacation has me obsessing.:
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I usually check a few times and am thrilled when forecasts are good but try not to care when they're less promissing because as you said, you're gonna be there anyway.
It would be a shame to spoil the fun because you're depressed with the forecasts.
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Yup. Just as obsessively as you. Heck, doesn't even have to be a trip . . . if I'm planning on skiing the weekend locally I check every day, in part to choose between Sat or Sun skiing, amongst other reasons.

If it's a longer trip . . . I'd just like to know what I'm going to have to adapt to when I get there, and maybe come up with a schedule for what day might be a day off, especially if I am traveling with wife or kids that might want a break for a non-ski day.
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Rain gear or fart bag? sweaters or shell?. Should we blow it off and go to the beach or zoo instead? There's no point in going if after the three + hour trip when you get there you are so poorly prepared you either have to spend $300 in the shop or spend most of the time sitting in the lodge.
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I check forecasts from 3 different sources; look at the webcams from the mountain, and also look at any nearby webcams I can find on highways such as the Thruway, Mass pike, I-91 or I-93... and compare what I see on the webcams to the reports I read or current conditions, to decide which of the forecasts is more reliable.
I also go to websites that have trip reports, and subscribe to daily emails from realconditions.com.
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I always check the Avy Report (every morning, like coffee) before I go skiing in my back yard.
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Phew, it's good to know that I'm not the only one with a ski weather forecast obsession. I get to know at what times the forecasts are updated and check twice a day.

That said, if the 7 day forecast says a storm is coming just before my trip - I get really excited.

If the 7 day forecast says there's going to be a thaw - I just say 'it's only a long range forecast, they're not accurate'
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I leave for Steamboat on March 7 and the first day of skiing will be on the 8th. It's 10 days out and I'm already obsessively checking the forecasts. First of all, it is super hard to predict the weather 10 days in advance so I don't really take much into consideration. But it's still fun to do and I get excited when I see promising conditions. But snow or shine, the conditions will be great and it will be a lot of fun.
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I just got back from a week at Jay Peak. For a month before we left I checked the forcasts at least once a day. And then about ten days before we left, the forcast was for "wintery mix", then "showers" and then "rain." Total bummer. The first day of my big pow vacation was a rainy 50 degrees. Skied anyway. Oh, well. Seems to be our family tradition.
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Most people think I'm beyond obsessed when it comes to weather forecasts before ski trip. I'm going to Utah March 7. Been checking forecasts for a while. My take having done this for aq while is that forecasts are only good for about 7 days. However, you can get general trends such as high setting up over west coast, northerly flow, etc. I'm still too far out to get too excited or depressed about ski trip. However, by this weekend it will be real. Then, I can be excited or depressed.
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No, I don't check until about a week out, at the most.

If I'm going out west mid-season, I don't check weather until about 3-4 days to it. The weather forecast is simply not reliable more than 4 days out! But the last 2 days, that's when I check weather from multiple sources.

There's actually a valid reason for looking at the weather. Yes, I'll be there no matter what the forecast. But I can choose what to pack and what to leave at home. Most importantly, which ski to take with!

For trips around here or up north, I check a bit more in advance, about a week. Number 1, the weather in California today will likely be the weather here in 4-5 days later. If there's no storm and the current coverage is thin, I might actually cancel the trip! Reason number 2, if there's rain right now and the temperature drops, then it'll take a lot of new snow to cover up all that boiler plate frozen rain. Again, if the forecast leading up to the trip is looking bad, I might change my plan, since there's no plane ticket to lock me down.
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I have had the most epic days when I just headed out "for a few runs" in crappy weather. Also, I have had mediocre days when it was a perfect bluebird powder day. You just never know....
Bottom line: If you wait for good weather, you'll never get anything done!
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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
I always check the Avy Report (every morning, like coffee) before I go skiing in my back yard.
you are living the life.
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I have a weather track button on my browser with the five or six most reliable forecast sites. Look at least a few times a day. In the Alps, weather is everything. No trees to help with visibility. When I go to North America, I stress a little less.
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I don't check the weather too much. I just throw everything I might need for any weather scenario in the car and go. Usually I use less than half of what I bring. I always bring rain gear for the slopes and pack lots of food, water and a -20* sleeping bag in case of road mishaps...... haven't ever needed any of it yet..... knock on head.
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I have the weather channel on my phone and it calls me when we're expecting more than 4" in areas like VT and NH... I love it!
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I start checking the weather for my trips way too early to be accurate and too often. It's a sickness really - join the club. It's easier to embrace your flaws than to try and correct them. There's no fighting it, so just go with it.

btw, isn't it time to check it again? It may have changed since the last time you checked. I bet there are other forecasts you haven't tried yet that are way more accurate than what you have been using so far - you may want to do some searching.
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yes I check it all the time. If you're going somewhere the road might close you kind of have to. Plus packing/gear can be a concern. Gotta be prepared!
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i start in september or october. that's normal right?
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If it's a week trip I rarely bother checking the weather. You have to do the best of it regardless of what nature throws at you.

For a day trip, I usually check the day before. Actually I was going to go to Waterville Valley tomorrow and just noticed that they are calling for -35F wind chills tomorrow. I guess I'll find something else to do...
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